Food in Taipei, Liang Kee cold noodles-a small shop in Lane 30,Yongji Road

Lane 30 , Yongji Road, don’t know if you don’t walk in,
There are many restaurants and street food.
Can meet the needs of nearby office workers and residential areas.
Every time I passed Zhongxiao East Road, I didn’t seriously watch this alley.
In order to find Liang Kee cold noodles, officially stepped into this alley.


Small place, simple signboard,

Simple menu,
Not so conspicuous, but can see the guests at the door waiting.


Cold noodles belong to a very interesting food.
Although I like to eat cold noodles,
But sometimes it is used as a meal,
It seems to be weird.

Liang Kee cold noodles business hours are breakfast to lunch!


Come in from the door of the store and go through the kitchen area.
Passing the clerk, I know that the space is really small.
One side is responsible for miso soup, and the other side is responsible for cold noodles.


The shop can only take 10 people, which is relatively small.
The meal was slightly cramped, but still in an acceptable range.

Cold noodles + flavored egg soup,
Is the basic match,
This combination is the most common combination of eating cold noodles in Taiwan.
One is cool,other one is hot .

a thick layer of sauce on top,
Very attractive,
The sesame sauce that I saw for the first time was put into this way.
It feels very rich in sauces.

The sauce does not form a block and is easy to stir evenly.
Not too heavy garlic,
The sesame sauce is sweet and salty, and it is a little salty than Yongji.
I feel very fresh when I eat it first.
Unlike the cold noodle sauce that I ate before,
It’s true that the aroma of sesame sauce is very good.
In addition, you can add wasabi or spicy oil to change the taste.
It is a cool noodle with a heavy taste.

There is a lot of tofu in the flavored egg soup, which is the tabletop miso soup.
It will be sweet, and it will change the flavor in a timely manner.
Egg flower is not fully cooked, if you mind, you can tell the clerk,
Take a cold noodles and drink a soup.



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