Food in Taoyuan,GLORIA OUTLETS-Hwayoung Hong Kong-style Dim Sum, Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant

I haven’t finished shopping at GLORIA OUTLETS yet.
There are important things in life that need to be solved,
After all, such a big place, even if you look at the flowers,
 it takes a lot of energy and time.
So it’s not strange to be hungry.
Then you have to find a restaurant to eat here.
Otherwise, going to other places will delay a lot of time.
Going to the food street, not interested,
Western restaurants are not interested,
That Hwayoung is the remaining option.

Although because the day is a weekday,
Not so many guests,
Cause the restaurant to look empty,
But still have confidence in it.

The environment looks good,
The space is also big and it doesn't look so crowded.
But the layout of one area is a bit crowded.
I don't quite understand the seating design of the restaurant.

Imagine being filled with people on weekends!
Maybe? I wouldn't want to come to GLORIA OUTLETS for the holidays.




In addition to Hong Kong-style dim sum, there are Cantonese dishes.
Unlike other common Hong Kong-style staple foods,
It is a relatively pure Hong Kong-style restaurant.
The most important thing now is how it tastes.

Salted Lemon CokeSalted Lemon Coke

Salted Lemon Coke NTD$75,
Salty lemons are helpful for coughing.
I just want to drink Coke but not so much guilt.

The salty and lemony aroma, but the terrible acidity,
The combination with cola can only be said to be too matchable.
The most important cup is good,
I really want to see if this salted lemon is marinated.
And it didn't disappoint me.

Stir fried Ginkgo & Lily Bulb

Stir fried Ginkgo & Lily Bulb NTD$260,
Asparagus is not old and not tough, and the ripeness is just right.
It’s good to show chef cooking.
However, it seems that it is not easy to do it.

Barbecued pork with Honey

Barbecued pork with Honey  NTD$280,
Half fat and thin,
Oily but not greasy with a slight sweetness,
Meat will not dry wood.

Steamed rice noodle rolls with shrimp & chives

Steamed rice noodle rolls with shrimp & chives  NTD$138,
The freshness of the shrimp eaten,
The faint taste of chives does not cover the savory taste of the shrimp.
However, the sauce is a bit pity, slightly dull.

Pan-fried shrimp with leek pancake

Pan-fried shrimp with leek pancake NTD$108,
If you are afraid of friends who eat leeks, don’t order them.
Really leek,
If I remember correctly, there are also shrimps.
Why do you think so?
It was later discovered that this meal had eaten a lot of shrimp.

Deep fried shrimp rolls in bean curd pastry

Deep fried shrimp rolls in bean curd pastry NTD$128,
The outer skin is crisp and the inside is still moist.
Not too bad for the entrance.

Steamed chicken feet with soy sauce

Steamed chicken feet with soy sauce NTD$108,

No matter which one i eat,i eat Hong Kong-style tea, 
if i don’t eat chicken feet,
Just like i haven’t eaten, it’s so exaggerated.
Slightly spicy and steamed soft, chicken feet,
The gelatinized at the entrance, the bones are easily spit out.

Steamed barbecued pork buns

Steamed barbecued pork buns NTD$108,
Slightly ordinary, moderate.

This meal does not have any staple food, it is relatively simple to eat.
It seems that I don’t eat much, but it’s almost full.
Feeling pretty good, the service staff attitude is also good,
Of course, if there are too many people on holiday, it is not clear.
The speed of meals can also be enhanced, especially the speed of food.
The chicken feet and the Steamed barbecued pork buns are the last to serve.
Still after our other dishes have been eaten.

If you don't have tea, you will still have boiled water.

At least the next time, if i go to GLORIA OUTLETS,
I will remember that this restaurant can be eaten, of course, 
if other restaurants want to eat it, it is not necessarily.


11:00 – 14:30 (最後點餐14:00)
11:00 – 16:00 (最後點餐15:30)
17:00 – 21:00 (最後點餐20:00)
17:00 – 21:30 (最後點餐20:30)


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