Life,Taoyuan-GLORIA OUTLETS-Taiwan's largest American outlet shopping center

I heard that it is the largest American OUTLET shopping center in Taiwan.
It has been in operation for several years and has 
been opened in the third phase.
Haven't been to it yet, on the one hand, there is no desire to shop.
On the other hand, I feel that the journey is a bit troublesome
On the other hand, Taiwan’s OUTLET is not really like American OUTLET.
Really have such a big discount,
Comprehensive factors, not so much motivation to go shopping,
Therefore, this trip is also unexpected.
Purely, I don’t know where to go,
I thought that it was not far from GLORIA OUTLETS.
Is there a very stubborn feeling?

I was a little confused when I arrived.
Looking for a parking lot is a bit lost.
There are three large areas,
Completed for different periods,
Called the first to the third period,
Later found the second phase of the parking lot.
Parking lots in different areas are separate.
Therefore, it is not possible to park from the second phase 
to the first phase of the parking lot.

GLORIA OUTLETS transportation,
In addition to driving, you can take the High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station 
or the Airport MRT A18 Station.
Walked for about 5 minutes.

There are still a lot of guidelines in the park.
Even the possibility of getting lost is still great.
The brand here is often heard and understood in Taiwan.
Relatively speaking, Linkou Mitsui OUTLET is a Japanese brand.
The popularity will be lower, and most of the brands here have heard it.
At least my person who doesn't touch the trend 
is totally ignorant of the Japanese brand.

The design style of GLORIA OUTLETS,
It is similar to the American OUTLET.
It doesn't matter when the weather is good,
It would be inconvenient to stroll around on a rainy day.

The whole shopping is quite leisurely,
The environment is also good.
It doesn't have to be as crowded as a shopping mall in the city.
Friends who live nearby can take a walk here.

Changes in day and night,
Decorative lighting fixtures,
Let GLORIA OUTLETS have different feelings at night.

Don't worry about finding a restaurant when you come here.
There is a food court, which is like a food street in a department store.
There is also an independent storefront restaurant.
The variety of dishes is also multi-national.
Just pick the food you want to eat!

We picked a Hwayoung Hong Kong-style restaurant.
Is it good to eat?

In the total of three phases, we only visited the first and second phases.
If you are hungry, you will go for food.
The third phase directly waives,
It’s a good place to pass the time,
If there is shopping demand, of course it is the best,
Still don't be impulsive shopping,
However, the price is still a bit unsatisfactory.
The discount is really not really big.
And some discounts also need to meet the requirements,
There is nothing wrong with marketing.
However, I still feel that Taiwan’s OUTLET is too stingy.
Is this price promotion really OUTLET?

After shopping, I feel a little empty, on the one hand,
 I have no money in my pocket.
On the other hand, I was slightly disappointed.





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