Travel in China,Xiamen Ferry Terminal-Looking at Gulangyu Island from Xiamen Island

If you know Xiamen, you know Gulangyu.
This should be something that most people agree with.
Its location is just across the island from Xiamen.
On the southwestern shore of Xiamen Island,
You can directly see the prototype of Gulangyu.
When the weather is good,
You can even see it.

Before I went to Gulangyu,
I would like to look at it far from Xiamen Island.
Seeing Gulangyu from the distance and after stepping on Gulangyu,
It should be very different.
you can walk to Xiamen Ferry Terminal,
I thought I could take a boat from here to the pier on Gulangyu Island.

Xiamen ferry

Before I had any information on how to take a boat to Gulangyu,
I went to Xiamen ferry terminal,
After From here you can take a boat in the past,
After all, here, but from Gulangyu nearest pier,
But let me look forward to come to nothing,
Ferry still has ferry, but not to tourists aboard,
Mainly the public line, 
which means to the tenants the people of Xiamen and Gulangyu use,
They take the line, probably only 10 minutes to get to Gulangyu.

Xiamen Ferry Terminal

Scenic spot map

The only time tourists can board is during the night and overnight.
At other times, I need to take a boat to Gulangyu.
Tourists must go to the cruise center Xiagu Pier,
It takes about 20 minutes by boat from Xiagu Pier to Gulangyu Island.

You can understand it in time.
Xiamen Ferry Terminal should be the closest place to Gulangyu Island.
(Transportation to the island)
It is also a place where Gulangyu can be viewed from a distance.

There is a long coast along the Xiamen Ferry Terminal,
All made trails,
Very suitable for a walk here, to see Gulangyu on the other side,
Or watch the sea blow,
Of course, in China where there are open squares,
There is no shortage of elderly people coming together
For them is a good place for entertainment.

When the weather is comfortable,
The sun is blowing in the wind,
Very cozy.

Take a panoramic view of Gulangyu Island,
It ’s really my luck.
No wind, no rain, no fog,
The sun was strong enough to reflect on the river.

Right on the shore
Quietly listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore,
Watching the ferry busy back and forth,
Watching the ups and downs of the river,
Let go of all thoughts,
Just enjoy the moment.

The next step is to prepare for Gulangyu!


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