Travel in China,Xiamen,Gulangyu Day Trip-World Cultural Heritage

Ready to start your own Gulangyu day trip,
This is the most anticipated trip to Xiamen.
I also deliberately reserved a day to take a good stroll.
Otherwise, I have been embarrassed to have
 visited Xiamen before I went to Gulangyu.

As there is no online booking in advance,
Is to buy cruise tickets directly to the cruise center's Xiagu Wharf site,
The choice can only be made according to 
the ship time available on the scene,
It also caused me not many choices,
In order to board the island at the fastest time,
I bought a luxury ferry ticket for RMB50,
At the Nei'aoao Pier, which is relatively unrecommended,
It is generally recommended to go ashore from Sanqiutian Pier.
Whether it's close to attractions or lively lanes.

Another reason is that the island is dominated by walking.
In addition to roundabout electric vehicles that cost money,
No other means of transportation,
It's not a half circle from the Nei'aoao Pier to Sanqiutian.
Is to go through the entire Gulangyu in the middle.

As long as the weather is good, there will be too many people.

At that time, I was looking forward to the excitement 
and covered the suffering of walking.
Now let me go to Gulangyu like this is definitely not.

Almost all attractions on the island require extra tickets,
I go straight around.
Just look outside.
The price dispelled my interest,
Might as well enjoy the laid back atmosphere on the island.

Shuzhuang Garden is still related to the Banqiao Lin family in Taiwan.
Then I took a closer look at the introduction of the map.

Opposite is Sunlight Rock,
The commanding heights of Gulangyu Island,
You can see the whole island of Gulangyu.

The building where I stand forgets the name,
It can also be regarded as about half of Gulangyu Island.

The buildings on the island are not tall,
Has the style of other countries in the past,
Is what makes me more interested,
On a Chinese island is like being abroad.

Still can find the traditional Chinese courtyard house.

In front of some buildings,
See the introduction,
Represents its historical past,
I also walked and looked at so many rooms to find the difference.

Gulangyu also has an island called Piano.
When walking between alleys and hearing music,
Does not feel obtrusive at all,
Instead, it is a matter of course.
Especially playing classical music,
It even made me stay and couldn't bear to leave.

From Sanqiutian Pier to Xiamen Island,
So close
But away from the hustle and bustle.

Of course it is very commercial now,
Big stores and small stores are everywhere,
There are also many homestays on the island,
There are even more tourists.

Zheng Chenggong used to be a military stronghold here,
Built a large statue of him to commemorate it,
Looking at him in the distance, 
he will find another ticket when walking over.

There are many attractions in Gulangyu.
And the way I walk is to do whatever I want,
Go wherever you want,
Not seeking to go to every attraction,
Instead, when walking around,
Perceived something interesting,

Gulangyu is also listed as a World Cultural Heritage.
The reservation is also very good,
From its past history,
In addition to China, it also contains foreign traces.
Gulangyu deserves its name,
Very suitable for a trip.

Staying one night in Gulangyu is a personal choice.
There may be different flavors at night.


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