Travel in China,Xiamen, Gulangyu-Transportation guide, tourist ferry ticket prices

Xiamen Island is going to Gulangyu Island,
There is only one way of transportation,
Is to go by boat,
There are no bridges connecting the outer islands of certain regions,
The only way to get to the island here is by boat.

There are three docks on this island.
Xiamen Ferry Terminal, Xiamen First Terminal, 
Xiamen Cruise Center Xiagu Terminal.

Gulangyu also has three docks.
Piano Pier, Neiliao Pier, Sanqiutian Pier.

Each pier has a slightly different route,
Some routes are not for local citizens.
It also has something to do with the time period.

For example, Xiamen Ferry Terminal and
 Xiamen First Terminal Ship to Gulangyu,
Only local citizens can board, 
tourists cannot go to Gulangyu from these docks,
Commonly known as the Citizen Line,
 the fare is RMB8 per person, and the flight time is 10 minutes.

But it's night flight time,
Tourists can take a boat from Xiamen Ferry Terminal to Gulangyu Island,
17: 50-23: 45 (Winter)
18: 50-23: 45 (summer)
At this time, other wharves will sail to Gulangyu.

Tourists just remember to go to Gulangyu during the day,
Have to take a boat to Xiamen Cruise Terminal, Xiamen Cruise Center.
Day flight
7: 10-17: 30 (Winter)
7: 10-18: 30 (summer)

Tourists have to go to Gulangyu at night before 
going to Xiamen Ferry Terminal!

About 5.3 kilometers from Xiamen Ferry Terminal,
You can take a taxi, bus, or cruise ship terminal,
Come to Xiamen Cruise Terminal of Xiamen Cruise Center.

Xiagu Wharf can reach Luao Ferry and Sanqiutian Ferry in Gulangyu Island.
The ordinary cruise fare is RMB35 / person, 
the luxury cruise is RMB50 / person,
20 minutes flight time,
These are round-trip tickets. 
After all, you need to take a boat to get out.

Details can be found online.
They have other travel plans,
The price is naturally higher,
If it suits you, you can refer to it yourself.

There is a display above the ticket counter,
Inform which terminal to Gulangyu Island has tickets and fares,
It is better if you can order online in advance,
It ’s up to you to buy tickets at the scene.
I just went to the scene to buy a ticket,
It was discovered that the fastest boat 
passing Gulangyu was a luxury cruise ship.
RMB50 / person. I can't buy ordinary cruise ships.

The luxury boat arrived at the Nei'aoao Pier.
Some people suggested that it would be better to take a boat to Sanqiutian Pier.
But it depends on how you want to visit Gulangyu.
In addition to walking on Gulangyu Island,
 it is an electric vehicle in addition to walking.
Electric vehicles are at extra cost,
So if you do n’t want to take too many roads or attractions,
Still take the boat to the island on Sanqiutian Pier.

Basically take a boat back to Xiamen Island,
Both are more convenient from Sanqiutian Pier.

 You still need to go through security before entering the boat.

View of leaving the pier after sailing.

Let's go to Gulangyu with great expectations!

To see this place on the World Heritage List,
Coming to Xiamen without going to Gulangyu is like having never been to Xiamen.


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