Travel in China-Xiamen,Kaihe Road Traditional Market, Feeling Back to Taiwan Traditional Market

I accidentally walked into the traditional Xiamen market,
It's not just entering from the front door in the sense,
It was dangling from Renhe Road Food Street,
Somehow came to the local traditional market.

The feeling of exploring an unknown and unfamiliar city,
very funny,
Think of yourself as a local experience the flavor of life,
Famous attractions are important,
Only then can you feel deeply in the local area.

Kaihe Road Traditional Market

If you want to go to the traditional market of Kaihe Road,
Xiahe Road is where the arches of Kaihe Road are located.
It can be seen very lively at the alley,
After getting out of the car at the door,
Enter the market and pick the ingredients you want to eat at home.

Xiamen,xiahe road

In the traditional Xiamen market,
A sense of familiarity,
Whether it's a vendor's display,
Or the ingredients and the language of the local people walking by,
There is an illusion like returning to the traditional Taiwan market.

Kaihe Road Traditional Market

Street vendors are on both sides of an alley,
People come and go, and some bring their family to buy food,
Some are mothers, all kinds of people,
It might be the ingredients for the night,
To cook a hearty meal for my family,
Or entertain friends for a party.

Kaihe Road Traditional Market

Selling seafood, meat, vegetables, cooked food, groceries,
Children can also have food and take.

Kaihe Road Traditional Market

Imagine the happy picture of them eating after buying back,
Very interesting,
I also remembered the memories of going to 
traditional markets with my family when I was young.

Those who often go to traditional markets to 
buy vegetables must not forget that human touch.
Is not felt in supermarkets,
The vendors and guests greeted each other,
I can still talk a few words,
This is the part of the traditional market that cannot be eliminated or forgotten.


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