Food in Xindian,Xiaobitan MRT Station-Zhen Xian Seafood-Hot Fried Restaurant

The location of Xiaobitan MRT Station is more like a small corner of Xindian.
This is an old residential area,
But there are relatively few restaurants and choices.
Hot pot restaurants also account for the majority,
This is quite strange,
How much do Taiwanese like to eat hot pot?

So every time I come here with my family and friends,
Always worry about what to eat,
This group of people is difficult to do,
Picking is not easy every time.

Zhen Xian Seafood is the only choice this time,
Shandong Chinese restaurant gave up directly, 
it is too difficult to make a reservation.
Let's try to see if the seafood is really delicious!
Is there another option in the future? 
Still want to reduce one restaurant?

The hot fried restaurant is to order more people,
What kind of atmosphere is there,
Plus a little wine,
That's perfect.

The feeling of entering the restaurant,
The space is large and the environment is clean and bright.
But the number of people coming to 
dinner at dinner was unexpectedly small.

I think the traffic of hot fried restaurants is very important.
Especially to enhance the atmosphere in the whole restaurant,
Too quiet here is a strange thing.

Makes me a little upset,
Isn't the cooking bad?

Not much seafood in the sink,
It can be said that it is very empty,
The state of the fish looks worrying,
In fact, I think that although it sells seafood,
But this look and feel is not particularly good,
Might as well have no sink.

The menu is basically similar to other hot fried restaurants,
Is a whole dazzling menu,
Don't be scared by it,
Just order what you want,
Or order the stars and the high order rate.
Since it is the most popular representative and the restaurant's specialty,
You can also use this to judge slightly.

Rice is free to use.

Shandong roast chicken NTD $ 250, is chicken thigh meat,
The meat is tender, but with a little chicken flavor,
The sauce is slightly thin and not heavy enough,
It also feels a little less flavorful,
Servings are ok, but not recommended.

Sesame Oil chuanqi NTD $ 150, 
sesame oil tastes light,
The leaves are fresh and tender,
Quite satisfactory.

Hakka Xiaochao NTD $ 160 is a very common dish.
Each restaurant puts slightly different ingredients,
The flavor of the sauce is okay.

Basil eggplant NTD $ 130, when serving,
It seems that my first impression is a little bit,
Or that the plate is too big.

Three cups of squid NTD $ 200, not much like three cups of three cups,
The ingredients and ingredients are right,
The taste is so different,
Metropolis who said it was braised,
Also different from the usual squid cut method,
The ingredients are fairly fresh.

Fresh fish ginger soup NTD $ 200,
The fish inside is supposed to be leftovers,
Sashimi or other fish leftover ingredients,
Let's make a pot of soup again,
So it ’s not just one type of fish,
The whole pot soup tastes like ginger soup with onion flavor,
The taste of the fish is very light. You can feel it by the proportion.
Still wonderful.

I think there will be better choices in the future,
Especially after the opening of 
 jingzhan square next to Xiaobitan MRT Station,
More restaurants will appear.

It is purely personal opinion, 
not suitable for me does not mean that it is not suitable for you.



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