Travel in Taipei,Neihu-Baishihu Suspension Bridge,Tongxin Pond,Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria

There is a Baishihu suspension bridge 
Right next to the Bishanyan parking lot,
So don’t worry, 
There are still other places to walk around.

A half-day tour in Bishanyan is no problem,
But because we happened to have lunch time,
Did not stay here more,
I will have the opportunity to walk around in the future.

Otherwise, I'll finish it,
 and I won't be interested in what to do in the future!

Actually, I do n’t like to take the suspension bridge.
The reason is not to say!

But this Baishihu suspension bridge is very supportive,
Very stable and less likely to be shaken by the wind,
The bridge deck is also relatively wide,
And even made stairs,
This is really the first time I have seen stairs on a suspension bridge.

Both the style and color are very different,
At first I wanted to talk about the Baishihu suspension bridge,
It has something to do with Bai,
So is it possible that the bridge is also white,
Hahaha! It seems that I think too much.

It ’s okay to walk 4-5 people side by side,
You can see how big this width is,
Different from ordinary suspension bridges.

After crossing the suspension bridge and walking to the right, 
you will go to Tongxin Pond and Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria.
It ’s actually somewhere else, but we have n’t been there,
So I wo n’t go into details, 
and friends who have been there can also leave a message
 to tell me what I missed.

Baishihu Community Walk Map,
It ’s pretty cute and fun,
I do n’t know if this is a community,
There is such a good environment.

On the way to the Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria 
and the Tongxin Pondd,
There will be a small notice board,
Hint here is the home of pangolin,
There will be a small hole next to the notice board,
It is probably the home of pangolin!
Very lucky people see it.

Sitting outdoors when the weather is nice,
Come with a cup of coffee and a dessert,
Should be quite comfortable,
I don’t know 
if the meals in Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria are delicious?
The environment looks good.

Introduction of various materials,
The tourism construction of the entire community is still relatively systematic.
There are planned ones.

After passing through the Farmhouse Cafe Trattoria,
The Tongxin Pond is right in front of you,
There are two loves in total,
One in the middle,
One is in the outer ring.

There are also many flowers planted beside the Tongxin Pond.
If it comes at the right time,
It should look pretty!

We ate a Douhua, this will be left to the next article!
Other places not visited depends on the fate of the next time.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.


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