Travel in Taipei,Neihu-Bishanyan Kaizhang Shengwang Temple-Overlooking Taipei

Get up in a grey morning,
Suddenly asked by my family to go out?
My first reaction was to ask where to go?

My head has n’t been turned on yet and I ’m still awake.
I heard a place name,
[Bishan Rock],
A familiar and strange impression came to mind,
Seems to have seen or heard the name somewhere.

I heard it was on the hills of Neihu,
I finally remembered why I had never been there 
but remembered the name,
Because I have been to the community 
under Bishanyan Mountain several times,
Visiting friends of family,
It's just a fork in front of Bishanyan,
So you will see signs that guide you.

But just because I haven't been to Bishan Rock,
It was also a wonderful experience,
The main goal of the family this time is to see 
if there are any cherry blossoms.
And I think more purely, places I have n’t been,
Just to find out.

There are three ways to get to Bishanyan.

One is walking,
One is driving
The last one is to take a bus.

Obviously walking up is impossible for us,
It's more likely to take a bus,
But we actually drove up.

There are two free parking spaces below the Bishanyan archway.
Parking spaces are easy on weekdays,
There should be many people coming on holiday,
You're out of luck!

Now is the time for my question mark,
The meaning of this statue is obvious,
It just made me think about what gods this temple worships,
In my impression, 
the design around the temples revolves around the main deities.
Hold on to questions and move on!

There is also a road on the left hand side of the main walkway 
that can also be reached to open the Zhang Shengwang Temple,
There is also a public toilet here.
There are actually some cherry trees next to it,
It's a pity not to see them bloom.

The number of steps on this trail is not too much,
Not too steep,
It doesn't take 10 minutes to walk slowly.

Kaizhang Shengwang Statue,
Handsome riding pose,
Well, now I know that the god here is called Kaizhang Holy King.

Here comes the next awkward question,
Well, what is the Kaizhang Shengwang? ?

(The first statement is not disrespect to the gods,
 it really does not understand)

The history of the Kaizhang Shengwang Temple on this stele,
But did not describe the origin of the gods,
If you are directly interested, Google is right.

Attach the official website:

Sightseeing map of the surrounding area.

The building of Bishanyan Convenience Store 
and the main building did not have much conflict.

How did the predecessors of that year build the temple,
This is when I saw the historical temples in Taiwan,
They all have a question and admire them,
Whether it ’s modeling or sculpting,
Both are quite powerful.

In a temple or church,
Try not to take pictures of gods,
This is my habit.

In fact, seeing that this is not over,
Which I did not expect,
You can see such a landscape here.

Through this door,
The field of vision suddenly opened wide.

It turns out that the area of Greater Taipei can be seen here,
It ’s a pity that it was cloudy and misty,
No way to see it clearly,
Otherwise the scenery should be better.

There are profiles on the left and right,
Introducing the locations and 
well-known attractions in the Taipei area.

I feel relieved,
Looking into the distance, 
the vision seems to be widening together.

Waited a few days before discovering one thing,
Although we do n’t have many cherry blossoms,
But it ’s weird that we do n’t see it at all,
We found the wrong place, hahaha.
If you have a chance in the future, 
go to Bishanyan again to confirm it.


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