Taiwan: Beitou Hot Spring-Golden Hot Spring Hotel, randomly selected for hot springs.

Although you can soak in hot springs all seasons,

But the most suitable is when the temperature is low,

Then there will be a feeling of warmth all over,

The cold outside is blocked outside,

Beitou, the hot spring area closest to Taipei,

There are many hot spring hotels,

How to choose is a very headache!

The original destination was the Long nice hot spring.

But the space is full, I don’t know when to wait in line,

Just hesitating whether to give up the bath and leave,

I found that there seemed to be a lot of people queuing to take a bath,

He was attracted in confusion.

It feels like a restaurant where many people line up.

Although it was because of curiosity that stepped into the door,

Room price and time are still very important,

Always ask what should be asked,

Soaking is also for the sake of purse,

Who knows how much the restaurant will cost,

There is always a gap with the public bathroom.

Golden Hot Spring Hotel has rooms for bathing.

Is different from the accommodation room,

Of course, you can also bathe in the accommodation room,

The billing method is different from the usage method,

This is billed by the hour,

The cost is also different on weekdays and holidays.

You can check before you come.

We only booked one hour of usage time!

It’s just enough for two people to take turns,

Unless you can soak for longer.

The room is small,

There is no way to lie down,

A rest area in front,

Next is the bathroom,

Free mineral water is provided,

And a hair dryer,

Toiletries and towels are also provided.

Just be careful when taking a shower,

It is possible that water will splash on the towel,

This is an inconvenient place,

You have to lean to one side in the shower.

Do not use too much water.

Two baths, one is a hot spring,

One is a cold pool,

Alternate use of hot and cold depends on personal physical condition,

Not everyone is suitable.

The hot spring hot water switch is obvious and special,

Different from the cold water switch,

Adjust the suitable temperature to soak by yourself,

Do not force the soaking temperature to be too high.

Even if there are many customers on that day,

The room environment is still ok,

No dirt or water stains remain,

Even the bathroom floor is dry,

In addition to feeling the temperature left by customers in front,

The window of the room can see the outdoor public bath opposite,

There is no problem with indoor ventilation,

There will be no sultry feeling,

The smell of the hot spring will not be too strong,

People who don't like the smell of sulfur don't have to worry too much.


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