Food|Taipei Beitou-Su vegetable cuisine, eating vegetarian food after soaking in the hot spring makes you feel healthy.

After soaking in the hot spring at Beitou Golden Hot Spring Hotel, it was dark after I walked out.I got hungry and prepared to search for food to soothe the body’s calories exhausted by the hot springs.The first thought in my heart is to have meat to eat, while still checking what to eat,Suddenly one of the family members stood still in front of a restaurant,The idea after seeing the sign is bad, vegetable dishes?Isn't it just to make vegetarian food a better version?

I'm thinking about it, don't speak out the next second,I heard that one said that he had eaten this one before,I think the vegetable dishes are pretty good. If you want to eat this Su vegetable cuisine,You don’t have to run around looking for a restaurant to eat.I thought very well in my heart, and the flesh left me like this,Only vegetable food.

The baby feels bitter, but the baby does not cry. If you come, you will be at ease. The moment you enter the store, let it go.This is life!

There are not many guests at meal time, so don’t everyone think the same as me? In fact, it is not easy to make vegetable dishes, even if it is now more acceptable than in the past.



CASSEROLE MENURice dish menu

Noodles and Pasta menuPizza,Wrap and Burritos

Soup menuTea and juice menu

Coffee menu

This is a mid-to-high price range. When I first saw the price, I was a bit scared. Will it block some people? After all, normal people would think that the price of vegetables will be lower. At least I saw that the price of vegetables is not Want to eat.

It doesn't matter whether the food is good or not, but I would rather spend the cost to eat meat.


All 4 people in my family ordered a personal set meal, which is NT$400. In fact, it may be a better choice to eat a la carte dishes separately. You can taste more dishes. The appetizers are the same, with three appetizers.

Cream of pumpkin

Tomato and seasonal vegetables

Pumpkin soup is rich and has a taste of pumpkin. Tomato vegetable soup is the original and sweet taste of vegetables, which is light and not heavy.

Black truffle fried rice

Forget the name of this fried rice, maybe it is truffle fried rice? After the first bite, I thought it was pretty good, but afterwards I felt ordinary. The person who ordered this meal in the impression did not finish it.

Hawaii pizza

Hawaii pizza is a bit too much for one person. It is a pizza with a crepe, or a pizza with a vegetable flavor.

stewed rice with mushroom and green sauce

Stewed rice with mushroom and green sauce, the taste of green sauce is very strong, and all of it enters the rice, and the hardness of the rice is just right.

Taro root, eggplant and flour gluten braised in oyster sauce

Taro root, eggplant and flour gluten braised in oyster sauce

Taro root, eggplant and flour gluten braised in oyster sauce. This is a dish recommended by the clerk. The taro is basically stewed, and every ingredient in it can taste the original taste. It is a dish that I can eat with rice. Generally I don’t With vegetables and rice, I can’t eat white rice only with vegetables, unless the seasoning is acceptable to me. The intestines are made of soy products.

Black fungus dew

Black fungus dew has a very healthy taste and can feel the slimy taste. It is good to drink it occasionally, so let me drink it often.

In fact, I feel full after eating this meal, but it seems that something is missing. I can’t tell whether it’s because I didn’t eat the meat, or because it didn’t make me feel touched. After soaking in the hot spring and eating this vegetable dish, I might feel better. It will become healthy, but I feel a little unhappy. If there is no special reason, I should not eat it again. Maybe it is a choice for vegetarians!



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