Food in Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Hao chi fried chicken,Taiwanese fried chicken needs to be hot and freshly fried.


You can see Hao chi fried chicken,
It's another fried thing that makes people notice,
Many people are queuing to buy on and off.

The prices of all items are posted on the stall,
Behind it is placed all the fried things,
So there is a chance to buy food that has been fried in advance,
The length of time is not variable, it may be cold.

Some people recommend and others do not comment,
It's the feeling of Taiwanese fried chicken,
It has the flavor of traditional seasoning and batter.

There are most parts of the chicken,
You can choose the part you like,
I only bought a slice of chicken chop for NT$55.

The reason is not that I don’t want to eat other types,
There is no room for stomach to eat,
After buying it on the spot, I was lucky to have just fried it.
Got it hot,
The boss will ask if it should be spicy.

The chicken chop is quite large,
Bones are very small,
Mostly chicken,
Thickness standard,
Not too thick or too thin.

Took a bite on the spot,
The meat of the chicken is tender, not dry,
The fried clothes and seasoning are pretty good,
Suits my taste.

The next day I use the oven to heat up the leftover chicken chops,
It’s not too different from what’s fried on the spot.
The meat is still tender and not too oily,
Of course this is a personal feeling,
Please try it yourself.

South Airport Night Market,Hao chi fried chicken


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