Tainan Food-Liujia District,Hei Lun Jiang,special black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce,fried Hei Lun and rice blood.

Lovely liujia,miss the ancient early taste of hei lun jiang,
There will be a nostalgic taste for everyone,
Either from a snack to a big one, or eating it for many years.

If you don’t live there,
Foods and memories that are hard to eat,
If not for the video introduction,
In this life, I may not necessarily know this roadside stall.

I saw the YouTube video of MC Jeng and Ada,
I mentioned my thoughts and desires for it,
I didn’t know when I had the opportunity to go.
I checked the location and distance online,
It can be said to be a very remote location,
There are no attractions nearby,
A place that most people don’t want to go when traveling.

I didn’t even know that Tainan was so big,
I used to go to downtown Tainan,
It turns out that there are so many areas next to it that I don’t understand.

If it wasn’t for this time to accompany my mother to 
Tainan to participate in the marathon,
In the middle of the itinerary, I was forced to arrange for a trip.
When will I go and when I will eat it is really unknown.
After all, I want to drive around specially,
Most people don’t know how to do this kind of thing.
I'd rather not eat or take a trip like this.

For this we drove an extra hour’s drive,
Just go to eat Liujia hei lun jiang.

I took my mother to the Chiayi High Heels Church first.
To satisfy her wish first,
Only then will I willingly be dragged by me to eat,
There will be no complaints.

Worried that time is too late, they only open until 5:30 in the afternoon.
I also called in advance to ask them to reserve for me,
On the one hand, I’m afraid it’s sold out.
They close the stall when they are sold out.

They only sell 4 items,
Unfortunately, the fish plate is sold out,
Only the other three can be kept,
Even so I am very satisfied,
It's better than nothing.

They are the second generation of succession management,
I started selling from my parents before,
When the old people get older, they come back to pass on the old taste.

Fish plate, tianbula, rice blood,hei lun,
Each is NT$10/piece,
It’s really civilian food,
Especially when driving next to the elementary school,
Too attractive to elementary school students and parents.

It’s not boiled like everyone else,
It's fried, fried now,
Then dip them in the sauce they developed from the first generation,
Black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce,
One is slightly spicy, the other is not spicy,
The boss asked whether it should be spicy or not,
Just dip in different sauces.

After being fried, it is covered with the whole sauce,
Is it pretty special,
I usually eat oden boiled in water,
This one is fried, the sauce is so different,
It's not sweet and spicy sauce.

Both sauces are darker in color,
It takes a little look to tell it,
Otherwise, it just smells the sauce,
The taste of black pepper sauce is obvious,
You can't guess wrong.

The food is deep-fried and soft on the outside,
With the most important sauce,
Sweet, salty, sweet and spicy taste,
Very special black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce,
It’s different from the usual taste,
It really is a special homemade sauce.

Personally think rice blood is the best,
Then it’s tianbula,
The hei lun is a bit ordinary, and the fish board has no fate.

I personally think this trip is quite worth it.
Although it took a lot of time and distance,
But it's interesting.

This snack is ancient taste is a memory,
Some people may find it very special and amazing,
Some people think it’s very ordinary,
The weight is different in everyone's heart,
Just stay in their hearts!

During business hours, you can join the Facebook fan group of the hei lun jiang,
From 10:30 in the morning to 17:30 in the afternoon, only this is certain,
Which day will be closed or business changes will be announced in the fan club,
It is best to check before you go.
Or call to ask!



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