Travel-Changhua Attractions,Lukang(Lugang) Old Street and Lukang Tianhou Temple.

I feel a little excited when I want to go to Lukang, Changhua. Even if I feel a little tired physically and mentally, I still want to support myself.

In fact, it was in a bad condition that day. I didn't sleep for a few hours the night before, and then spent a few hours strolling around Tainan Anping Old Street and Anping Old Fort, and then I had to drive north.

On the way back to Taipei, I made a special detour to Lukang Old Street. This is also contrary to the visits I don't know how many years. It is very vague in my memory, it seems to be a childhood.

So I look forward to walking around Lukang Old Street and having local friends take us with us, making it more relaxing.

If you are coming by car, you can search the Tianhou Temple parking lot on Google Maps. Even if you don’t stop at the Tianhou Temple parking lot, there are many places to park nearby. It is not far from the old street and the Tianhou Temple, which is more convenient.

I think that from a certain point of view, Lugang Old Street is better than Anping Old Street. Whether it is the atmosphere or the preserved scene, the feeling of selling things is more comfortable and local.

There are also shops that line up everywhere, or there are foods that have been reported in the news or TV shows. If there is already a restaurant that is sure to eat, every stall wants to try it.

It is understandable to allow bicycles to ride, but on roads with a lot of pedestrians, banning motorcycles can actually give pedestrians a safer environment.

There will be other surprises in the alley extending in all directions. You can take a moment to explore. The combination of modernity and the past will not have too much conflict.

As night falls, the number of foreign tourists gradually decreases, a bit like the feeling of returning to the countryside before.

Fortunately, the boss is not outside, otherwise I almost want to buy a pack of noodles and have a look at home.

This time I came to Lugang Old Street in a hurry. I didn’t stay for a long time, so I took the exquisite route. Friends ordered the route for shopping. In fact, this route is to eat and buy, otherwise it should take 2~3 to go slowly. Hours.

If you have the opportunity to want to go shopping again, it is still quite a good old street.


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