Travel in Tainan attraction,Anping Old Fort, a historic site in Fucheng, one of the must-visit attractions.

As one of the famous scenic spots in Tainan, Anping Old Fort, anyone who has been to Tainan will visit it at least once, right? Otherwise, I am ashamed to say that I have been to Tainan.It is a historic site as well as a scenic spot with historical connotations. The scope of it is not large, and it does not take too long to go around. It is suitable for families of all ages.

The fare is not expensive, full ticket NT$50, half ticket NT$25. You can also visit Anping Old Street by the way.

There is a small shop downstairs in the Fort Zeelandia Museum, which sells special goods here. You can only buy them here.

The weather is perfect, and the whole building and monuments are very beautiful, and I will take a few more photos unconsciously.

These are no longer buildings of the past, but they are also buildings of the past. They were rebuilt during the Japanese Occupation era, and there is not much left of the relics of the past.

On the observation deck, Tainan can be viewed from four directions, and the introduction of each attraction is also marked, but there are many places that I have not visited or heard of. It is really a torture to climb up in the hot weather. It is not hot and there is no ventilation. The observation deck is like a huge sauna box.

This is the ancient city wall that was left over from that year. You can see this one as soon as you come in. There are two other places where there are wall remains.

I have to admit one thing. I’m a historical noob, and I don’t know the actual historical reasons here. Although it’s the second time I have been there, my friend said that I would take my children to learn about the history here. Listening to what they said, they didn't know. We walked around and watched and left. I was dumbfounded. I thought they had something to explain to the children, so I was fooled.

It's really casual, I'm kind of coming here to check in by the way, and brush a sense of existence. I feel that I have brought a child.Hmm~ From another angle, there are many delicious foods nearby.

Tainan Anping Old Fort


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