Food in Taipei,East District-Beimen Feng Li bing ice & beverage, simple and simple taste of ancient times.

The weather was slightly cool and drizzle. After eating the hot pot, the body warmed up. At this time, I had another ice product. It seemed very enjoyable. I just wanted to find a dessert to change the taste.

I always think of the Dongqu Fenyuan Bingdian (Eastern Ice Store) first. This time I want to skip it and change to a fresh and uneaten restaurant. I found this very special name, Beimen Feng Li bing.

I really can’t guess the name just by looking at the name. This is just the name of the shop or it has something to do with the food. It appeals to my curiosity.

It is a bit invisible in the alley house. If you don’t see the signboard, you will really think it is a house. It will pass directly without thinking of stepping in. There is no decoration inside, so it’s very simple and simple. The store has a feeling of confidence in their ice products.

We ordered the signature feng li ice, red bean soup, and taro ice recommended by the clerk. She said that the taro ice was just made, and they suggested to try it out as a popular item.

The red bean soup is not very sweet. The red beans are cooked thoroughly, but the shape is not scattered. It is quite satisfactory. Those who like red beans can try it.

The taro ice is very dense, the taro aroma is very obvious, there is no chemical feeling, and the taste is like real taro in it, which is not bad.

The bottom of the feng li ice is perilla plum ice. On the top is the diced pickled pineapple and perilla plum. Eating ice alone and combined with pineapple has a different feeling. It is sweet and sour. When eating, I feel that I have eaten a lot of enzymes, which can help. The feeling of digestion, although I ate it for the first time, I feel that it is not bad. It has an old taste and the flavor of the original ingredients.

The store is very caring. There are a lot of cardboard boxes on the front door, so that stray cats have a habitat. In addition to feeding, they will also help them find new family members. It is really cute to see them in a relaxed sleeping position.

I ran into an episode that day. There were residents nearby and wanted to ask the store if they saw their cat. After raising them for a month, they ran out and disappeared. But I was embarrassed to just ask, so I bought an ice queen. Just asked the clerk, I hope they can find it!

Adopt instead of buying, and since you have raised them, you must take good care of them,Don't abandon it randomly.


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