New Taipei Attractions-Shiding Qiandao Lake,Yong'an Trail Appreciate the lake view and see the landscape


Thousand Island Lake is a scenic spot in many countries, but I didn’t expect to see it in Taiwan. It is only in Shiding, New Taipei. It takes about 50 minutes from Taipei to go to Shiding Old Street, or maybe Eat in Shenkeng Old Street, or you can go to Shidingshan to eat seafood (Ye Yan restaurant).

Otherwise, just going to Qiandao Lake seems to be a bit lacking. It is always necessary to arrange a day trip, so that it is suitable for family outings or friends.

You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and take a look at the mountains and lakes to absorb the energy of nature, and you will have the motivation to continue working hard. It's getting farther and farther!

I personally suggest navigating to Shiding Qiandao Lake Observation Deck. The scenery here is very beautiful and the view is also very open. The only situation is that the observatory here is only open on weekends. It is a private land that will be sold on weekends. For food and agricultural products, you can only see Qiandao Lake from the outside on weekdays.

It is recommended not to drive into the Qiandao Lake destination on Google Maps. If you want to go there, it is best to walk. On the one hand, the road there is relatively narrow and it is difficult to turn around. On the other hand, it is the last. A section of the road has a steep slope, and not all cars can go down and up again. Still don't take the risk!

You can also drive to the Yong'an Scenic Trail. The perspective view here is different from the Qiandao Lake viewing platform, but it is also a good place. It is really relaxing and pleasant to see such a scenery.

Only at this time would I envy the local residents, thinking about how good the scenery is like this every day, with mountains, water, blue sky and white clouds, but I don’t know that they might be bored to death, and I’m tired of seeing them. Now, only those who are not often in this environment will feel good.

There are still many beautiful places in Taiwan, but we lack our own people to appreciate it. Now is the time to get a good understanding of Taiwan.


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