Diary Unboxing-Indonesia ABC Sambal Extra Pedas

Passing by Indonesian shops, I am curious about what Indonesian products they sell. Their biggest customers are Indonesians who come to work in Taiwan or guests from other Southeast Asian countries. The products are also some of the daily necessities they are used to, including toiletries, snacks, and seasonings. Ingredients, instant noodles, etc. Except for one Indonesian fried noodles that I have eaten, almost all of them are products I haven't seen before, which is quite interesting.

There are really a lot of flavors of Indonesian fried instant noodles. I have only tasted the original flavor. This is the first time I have seen other flavors, but they are not sold at a cheaper price, almost the same price as in Quanlian or Meilianshe. Before I left, I thought it was a bit weird not to buy something (in fact, it didn’t matter at all), but after seeing the fish sauce, I was a little hesitant to buy a bottle and try it. In fact, I wanted to add fish sauce when I was making kimchi. When I went in, I gave up because I was afraid that it would be troublesome to buy it. This time I walked into the Indonesian store. Why not buy a bottle of fish sauce by the way, with the seasoning like chili sauce next to it, so I took another bottle. , Is the Indonesian ABC Sambal Extra Pedas extra spicy chili sauce.

The Indonesian ABC Sambal Extra Pedas Chili Sauce says “Extreme Spicy”. At the time, I thought about whether I would be so spicy. I checked the price of NT$30/135ml, and it was just a taste. Anyway. Have eaten Indonesian chili sauce and don’t know if it tastes the same as the chili sauce in Indonesian fried noodles?

After I bought the fried rice noodles that happened to be served with lunch, it was a bit like thickened thick chili sauce. The fragrance was not bad. It didn’t feel particularly spicy and sweet. Next time I try to dip it in dumplings or dumplings. It is mixed noodles. It should be quite suitable. Can it be used in the same way as Korean chili sauce?


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