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Yangmei Shouwu Hakka Seafood Restaurant

Taoyuan bayberry lives in a lot of Hakka people, so it’s normal to eat Hakka cuisine here. The last time I came to bayberry because my younger brother was discharged from the army, and then I went to eat at another well-known Dayangmei Goose Restaurant, which is also a Hakka. Restaurant, so when I passed by Dayangmei Goose Village this time, I thought we were going to eat again. In the end, we guessed wrong. Our family and friends took us to the Shouwu Hakka Seafood Restaurant. According to him, he prefers to come to this restaurant. Many of them Friends of the boss often come to this place for dinner.

I come here to report many times a month, saying that the Hakka cuisine here is quite traditional and authentic. You can feel the traces of history when you enter the restaurant. It should be an old restaurant that has been open for a long time in the local area. The decoration and the facilities are very old, like the kind I saw in the countryside when I was very young. The service staff here are also very experienced. They are not polite to go straight to you, so there is no need to ask for a good service attitude, just The kind and impatient feeling of the previous generation, the guests said they were busy without being full?

The serving is also a bit like throwing it on the table in a hurry (it's a bit exaggerated, but it's not a little forceful, and the soup is spilled). It can only be said to be an expression of true temperament, and there must be no shortage here. They are Hakka glutinous rice balls and Hakka rice moss soup. There are also gnocchi, but I personally think its Hakka rice moss soup is not bad. In addition, goose meat is also their signature. You can order one to try it without the sauce. It also has a smell, but some parts are a little bit burnt.

The seafood here is also quite fresh, including sashimi or some sweet and sour fish, which are fresh and tender without any fishy taste. The salty pumpkin is not bad. Other orders are quite satisfactory. They are not too special or bad. The shortcomings, after all, we are from the point of view of being treated, some of the dishes we want to try may not be ordered, and I am afraid of ordering too much, and simply eat a little bit. You would think why there is no order of Hakka small stir-fry or ginger intestines. Traditional Hakka dishes, as Hakka people, really do not have the desire to eat that day. Those are dishes that are eaten too often.

Why is there no picture of food? Did you forget to take a photo because it was so delicious? In fact, the current atmosphere is not suitable for taking photos and recording, otherwise it may be considered impolite, but for the locals, it should be a very suitable restaurant for gatherings or bringing friends to eat. Although the environment is not very gorgeous or modern, people It's not the style of walking, it's more like the simplicity of the traditional Hakka people, and the focus is on the cooking.

Yangmei Shouwu Hakka Seafood Restaurant

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