Boston, USA | Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox, the exciting experience of watching the game live.

Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox

The degree of development of professional sports in the United States can be regarded as one of the highest places in the world, especially basketball, baseball, ice hockey, American football, etc., several of which are among the top sports in the world. Even in Taiwan, everyone occasionally talks about NBA and MLB. Watching the live atmosphere on TV, they think about the day when they can go to the scene as a spectator and feel the atmosphere of the live game.

The most familiar MLB teams in Taiwan are in big cities, such as the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, and so on. It's not that other teams are not strong, but that apart from the fact that these teams have more fans and resources in big cities, some teams have signed Taiwanese players, or Asian players have developed well in them. Easier to be known.

The ticket booking method is very simple and convenient. You can buy tickets directly on RedSox's official website or the US booking website, and the price difference will not be too big. It will only be related to the time of your purchase. The earlier you buy the ticket, the cheaper the price and the better the chance of buying a good position.

Red Sox Ticket

In 2012, I needed to print it out myself when I bought tickets online, and I miss it now.

Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox

The planning and design of each stadium is different, and the location of the bullpen is also different. The bullpen at Fenway Park is in the field area and you can see players warming up and training their heads.


Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox

Regardless of which team the Boston Red Sox play against, even if the game is full of spectators on weekdays, the outfield seats are also full. Taiwan's professional baseball is still very far away! The locals have regarded watching football games as part of their lives. It is a very common thing and a topic of chat. If they don't come to watch the game, they will meet with friends to watch the football game at home. They know how to enjoy life instead of kidnapping.


Forgetting whether it was the ball picked up by the classmate or the spectator next to it, I borrowed it and took a photo to commemorate it. If you don't pay attention, you may miss opportunities. Whether it's a foul ball or a home run, sometimes outfielders will throw it up (and bullpen practice players too?). Remember that when you go to the United States, you must reserve time to watch the football game you are interested in. It will make you impressed and unforgettable.

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Boston, USA | Fenway Park, MLB Boston Red Sox, the exciting experience of watching the game live.

American Experience|Boston Fenway Park-The fun of watching a game is the integration of eating, drinking and playing.

Boston, USA | Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, a century-old baseball stadium


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