Costco Private List | Shujie toilet paper(Kleenex), for that cute Labrador!

From my impression, the toilet paper used at home seems to be Shujie, and I haven't changed the brand very much. It should be considered a high brand loyalty. Does it have to be the best? Maybe not, maybe. But there is no special situation and it seems that there is no meaning to change the brand. Shujie has always been a well-known brand. Whether it is advertising or the company itself, the public's impression of it is still good. 

That puppy is even more evil. I feel that Shu Jie really earns a lot from it. When the advertisement came out, it attracted the attention of the public. The cute eyes made people unable to not fall into it, and then transferred to the brand. above. And its status has always stood firm. I can't imagine whether I would buy Shujie toilet paper if I didn't see it one day. This is also the reason why Shujie won't change it. Other appearances can be changed, but It is absolutely unchangeable.

Therefore, Shujie toilet paper is one of the must-buy items almost every time you go to Costco, and it is never absent from the toilet paper chaos. Even when people are rushing to buy toilet paper, they have been on the news many times, and its price also fluctuates. Discounts will affect everyone's heart. Every time I go to Costco, I can see it in the carts of many people. You will not be alone, and someone will definitely accompany you.

In recent years, due to the epidemic, the time to go to Costco has dropped sharply every year, no more than twice a year. After all, the crowd at Costco is very exaggerated. Then you can only buy two more packs to stock up and meet the daily use for a certain period of time. It doesn't have to be the best, but that cute Labrador has at least turned a lot of people into a die-hard. (Of course the quality of the toilet paper itself is not bad)


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