Costco Private List |Wumu Thin Kanto noodles and original ramen noodles, a must-have staple food at home

For me, who loves pasta, noodles are an indispensable staple food. Rice can be eaten but noodles cannot be eaten. Besides, cooking rice is more troublesome than cooking noodles. Therefore, every time I go to Costco, I will definitely buy noodles, and Wumu Thin Kanto noodles is a must-buy. Other noodles are extra options!

Its noodles are still resistant to cooking. This thickness is more suitable except for wide noodles. Even if they rise, they will not be too soft and rotten. You can cook about one bunch at a time, and at most one and a half bunches will be enough. The other is Wugi original ramen. There is no seasoning package for ramen. It is just a piece of ramen. Cooking original ramen is a bit like eating instant noodles, but it feels healthier. After all, other ingredients are prepared and seasoned by yourself.

It is really cost-effective to buy noodles at Costco. Bulk prices are a bit more expensive to buy outside. In addition, Korean instant noodles are also more cost-effective to buy at Costco. However, the brands that I liked before are not imported now, but the current ones are also shared by the community. not bad.


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