Travel in Miaoli,Dahu,Shimen Inn Leisure Farm - Accommodation, Restaurant, Camping Area

A journey beginning with a newspaper

Because the journey of a newspaper has finally arrived
 at the destination,
 it is a place that is not indicated in the newspaper, 
let us explore the arrival. 
[Shimen Inn Leisure Farm] This road was guided 
after finding the old Close road leisure farm. Here, 
I also bought the Dahu Pear in the way.

It was really interesting. I went to a place I had never been to,
 found a scene I had never seen before, 
and bought a pear that I had never heard of and had not eaten. 
Only then did I find a place to actually run the Dahu Pear Festival. 
Still very worth it!

It’s like a journey of walking and walking,
 even if it’s not far away, even if it’s a little lost, the whole process is quite interesting.There is no plan, no arrangement, where to go.

It is really recommended that the organizers should 
place these promotional strips on the road or guide the logo. 
Otherwise, many people will not know that there are activities here, 
even those who want to come to us but don't know where they are.


The venue of the Great Lakes Pear Festival is a compound leisure farm. 
It also has a growing pear, which provides accommodation, 
accommodation, and camping areas.



Summer is really hot here, the environment is good,
 it is too natural, there is nothing on the top of the head, 
when thinking about it, the pavilion is in front of you.

Abandoned bicycle decoration, the lampshade uses traditional buckets 
and Hakka fabrics, and is very creative.

Below is an old road that the government is repairing.
 It is called the old official road. If the whole restoration is completed, 
it is very suitable for walking. T
here are ponds built by the farmers on the roadside, 
filled with lotus flowers, leisurely walks, and forget the feeling of trouble.

Whether it is on the ground or in the mountains, such a large area, 
it is very hard and hard to sort out. When you come, 
don't destroy the environment or throw garbage!

Next time I have the opportunity to try the restaurant here, 
the camping area personally feels that the other is better.



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