Food in Taoyuan,Daxi Old Street-Xiao zhen douhua,traditional handmade douhua

In Daxi Old Street, filled with tofu products,
How can you lack the presence of douhua,
Eat dry food, change some taste
Moisturize your throat,
Do not make the second choice is douhua.

This afternoon tea is in the case of salty and sweet taste,
The perfect match can offset the tiredness of walking.

Just walked into Daxi Old Street,
I want to eat when I see the Xiao zhen douhua.
But I want to say that I will go shopping for the old street first.
See if there are other things, don’t decide so soon,
Going to half of the old street, there are other stores selling douhua.
But thinking about it, the Xiao zhen douhua has a feeling,
There are more people and the environment is clean and bright.
I walked back to the Xiao zhen douhua.

This price is not seen or eaten in Taipei.
So see the menu on the wall,
Still holding for a while,
 I almost wondered if I had read the wrong price.

Just wait until i eat, you know how it tastes!

The ingredients are relatively simple and uncomplicated, 
with about 12-14 ingredients.
They are basically common douhua or ice ingredients.
In fact, no matter how the taste is,
The finishing is very clean.

Douhua + three ingredients NTD$40
Douhua has a light bean armor.
The palate is a bit biased towards the pudding.
The ingredients are also good, all cooked but not soft,
It also retains the taste, and the sweetness of brown sugar is not too high.
It’s just right for me,
I don't like to eat too sweet.

Here, there are cold and hot douhua, 
which can be selected according to personal preferences.

Finally, when you have finished eating, 
you will also see the customers who ride bicycles.
They don’t know where to ride, but also add a little heat.
I feel that there should be a lot of people who come to eat douhua here.
Usually, there are guests coming in succession.

At this price, it is still worth eating, it is cost-effective.
Even if you don’t eat douhua, there are other options.
And the boss is very kind and has a good attitude.




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