Food in Taoyuan,Daxi Old Street-HuangDamu tofu curd-Hot braised dried bean curd

There are many brands of Daxi tofu curd.
But i don’t know much about them.
It seems that there are different brands opened by the family.
This is not important either.
Then why did i pick the Huangdamu tofu curd?
Very simple, just because he is conspicuous,
At the door, the cauldron is braised with tofu curd.
Sitting at the door, the guest is eating the braised dried bean curd.
Was provoked appetite,
Of course, I have to try the taste.

Time is just right for afternoon tea,
Excuse me, I really want to eat braised dried bean curd.

After all, it is a shop selling Daxi tofu curd.
Of course, the luwei is all soy products.
But there is no meat to eat.

The cauldron is braised with dried beans curd.
The taste is still very fragrant,
Also braving hot smoke,
The hot and cold luwei tastes different flavors.

In addition to the luwei tasted at the door of the store,
There are a variety of tofu curd varieties in the store.
But the thoughts are braised dried bean curd in the front,
These are directly ignored.

After the traditional white tofu curd is made, it is not easy to save.
So do the imaging of black tofu curd,
Can increase the shelf life,
The taste is also a bit more aroma.

In fact, I am only responsible for eating,
It is not clear what kind of soy sauce is used and what soy sauce is used.
But the impression should be coriander and garlic sauce.
Some of the family did not eat spicy, so there was no pepper.
Matching garlic is quite good,
The smell of the beans came out,
The taste of the marinade will not be too heavy.
Have a touch of Chinese herbal medicine,
With sauce, it won’t be salty.
For the whole braised dried bean curd,



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