Travel in Taoyuan-Daxi Old Street, Historic Buildings, Street food

The most famous of Daxi in my impression is 
 bean curd and peanut brittle.
I still remember that in the past, passing through Daxi 
would have to eat a little bit of relief.
In fact, the most important thing is that my dad likes to eat.
We like to eat by the way, very reasonable,
Even if I have eaten so many times before,
But there is no impression that I have been to Daxi Old Street.
This is a very magical thing,
It seems that eating is important,
What does not matter in Daxi Old Street.
Haha! !

Whether the holiday is crowded or not,
A few tourists on weekdays, no noisy roads,
Enjoy leisurely and quietly enjoying the old streets.
not bad.

The length of Daxi Old Street is longer than the  Sanxia Old Street.
There are also shops or snacks on both sides.
The atmosphere of the two is still different.
The preserved historical architectural sense is also more realistic.
The style is completely different,
A blend of Baroque architecture and Chinese style.

As long as you can continue to protect,
Man-made destruction is the most terrible.

Personally, I think that Daxi Old Street has an old street 
feeling  better than the Sanxia Old Street.
Although there are street shops and small shops,
Each has its own local specialties.

There are other attractions to visit around.
Perfect for day trips,
After visiting other attractions, come here to eat and drink.
Take a walk in the old streets.

We picked up the Huangdamu tofu curd and  
Xiao zhen douhua as an afternoon tea snack!



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