Food in Taipei,Da'an District,Liou pin Gourmet restaurant Dunren store-Chinese Cuisine

Liou pin Gourmet restaurant  was the first restaurant 
to start from Yongkang Street.
It ’s been around for more than thirty years.
Then opened Dunren and Neihu stores.

The introduction on the official website,
This is the branch opened after 
the second generation came back to take over.
Therefore, the menus of the stores are also slightly different.
Classic dishes are still preserved.

I also counted as an achievement,
After going to Dunren this time,
I have eaten all three restaurants in Liupin Xiaoguan.

(You can refer to the articles of the other two branches, 
and relevant links will be placed below)

It would be better if you can make an appointment in advance,
Otherwise, you will have luck.
After all, the space in Dunren is not that big.

The space of Yongkang and Neihu stores is relatively large.
Each branch has a different situation.
You can still ask in advance.

Otherwise, I almost did n’t have a seat when I booked that day
Even if there is a seat,
Arrived too late,
Some dishes may be sold out.

They also have delivery services,
Those who are interested can search online.

This is more suitable for multi-person dinners.
Too few people are not addictive.

Shanghai vegetable rice NT $ 150

Shanghai vegetable rice NT $ 150 is different from others restaurant,
There is an extra flavor inside,
Comes from fried shallot,
So it tastes more fragrant.

fried minced pork with dried bean curd NT $ 280

The name of this dish is very interesting.
Called fried minced pork with dried bean curd NT $ 280,
At first glance, it looks like a famous dish.
Just replaced the chives inside with green beans,
This combination is good,
You can also try to cook it yourself later.

Braised tofu with crab roe NT $ 380

Braised tofu with crab roe NT $ 380,
Whether it ’s served with rice or used directly as soup,
No problem, the seasoning is moderate,
It's delicious.

Diced chicken with green pepper NT $ 240

Diced chicken with green pepper NT $ 240,
Chicken is tender and tender, green pepper is crispy,
It is also a good meal.

Pan-fried pork liver NT $ 280

Pan-fried pork liver NT $ 280,
Shiny and shiny
I have an appetite when I look at it,
The sauce is full of flavor,
The pork liver still maintains tenderness,
The pickles next to it can also remove the greasy feeling.

Sesame bun NT $ 120

Sesame bun NT $ 120,
Is a beautiful looking
But in fact it tastes ordinary dessert,
Will not order it next time.

Overall, the dishes at Liou pin gourmet restaurant 
will not disappoint.
No matter what the branch ’s food is,
It may be slightly different, 
depending on which one suits you better.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.




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