Food in Taipei,Neihu,Baishihu Community-Mingguwu Baking Workshop, Hidden Handmade dessert

A little hungry,
Mouth is a little thirsty,
It ’s a bit awkward,
It's close to lunch time.

While walking along the path,
I saw someone grilling meat,
And even roasted sweet potatoes,
That scent floats over,
I want to go up and grab some food.

At this time,
I just wanted to leave quickly to eat at the foot of the mountain,
As everyone knows, there is a very special shop in front of it.
I just looked outside and thought it was a flower shop.
I didn't expect many people to go in.

Entered by curiosity [Mingguwu Baking Workshop]

It turned out to be a bakery,
I really can't see it from the outside,
Plant decorations or decorations look messy,
It also has an inexplicable sense of harmony.

Well, I'm just talking nonsense,
I have absolutely no sense of art.

Why would you want to open a bakery in this mountain?
Apart from the large number of tourists coming on holidays,
What to do at other times?

Even if you want home delivery, you need to know this shop, right?
Looks like they have their way of marketing.

At the door is their homemade jam fruit vinegar product!

Introduction of Mingguwu
So the boss said that all the products are made by themselves,
It means that after buying raw materials, you can make it by yourself.
Like beancurd or snacks,
No bad additives were added.

We went to Mingguwu, a year ago,
The owner of the site is selling their handmade date cakes,
If you do n’t try it, you wo n’t know.

Bought a pack of buns,
These snacks are also said to be handmade.

The taste is ok,
It's a bit of a baguette-like snack that I bought at a bakery.

Seeing customers come to eat douhua,
Finally came a bowl of douhua,
Otherwise, it's not so good.

The ingredients inside are lightly seasoned,
Not very sweet,
The syrup is also lightly sweet,
It will not be too burdensome to eat.

Is it healthy?

Actually, I do n’t think eating here is the most important thing.
But it feels comfortable sitting here,
Look at the scenery ahead.
So many green plants surround,
Away from the city, feel the nature,
It is more precious.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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