Study in the United States-Waban Market in Boston, buying daily necessities in an American grocery store for the first time?


The first day I arrived at Homestay was almost early in the morning. I woke up early in the morning due to the time difference. If I wanted to say, I would just go out and handle the matter first. The mobile phone number was directly processed on the official website (there is already a T-Mobile SIM card) ), then you are left to open an account with Bank of America (there is nearby).
After all other things were resolved, I went to the Market in the Waban shopping street leisurely, where you can buy basic daily necessities. Generally, it is more convenient to come here if you are temporarily missing something. You don’t need to drive to the hypermarket (major supermarket). Of course, the price here may be slightly higher, just for convenience.

Since I was not familiar with it and needed some daily necessities, I first came to the Waban Market to stroll around, mainly to buy a water glass, otherwise I can’t drink water. Boston can still drink it directly with tap water. (U.S. households basically don’t have a kettle. If you want to boil hot water, you can only buy it yourself) some preventive snacks to avoid having nothing to eat when you are hungry (this decision is a wise decision, I have not eaten enough at Homestay).

The first time I paid US dollars to buy something in the supermarket in the United States, I was still very excited, and I was nervous to speak English, and everything was still very new and interesting (I will get used to it later, haha).

This cup stayed with me until I left the United States. The durable plastic cup did not break after being dropped several times. Although I chose it casually, it was only for temporary use, but I didn’t expect it to take a long time.

At the checkout, the clerk was very friendly, which made me feel more relieved and reduced my tension. Although most of the answers are confused at the moment, I can only take it with a smile to end a very nervous first experience!


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