Food in Chiayi,Smart Fish,in addition to Chiayi's turkey rice,the queue must eat delicacies.


Last time I went to Chiayi, I only had Chiayi ren turkey rice and Heping turkey rice.
I gave up the Lin Congming casserole fish head recommended by my brother,
There is no way that the stomach is not big enough to eat,
Not enough time,
Every time I go to Chiayi, I’m in a hurry.
It's like passing by,
Leave for the next city at the time of a meal.

It’s not easy to stay for a day,
Even so, you still have to eat before you leave,
There will be no regrets.

It was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon when we got nearby,
There are still many people in line,
There are internal queues and take-out queues,
No matter which team there are many people.


Except for the dining area in the main store,
There are two other stores nearby,
When there are not enough seats in the main store,
 it will be arranged in the other two branches.


During the meal process, when you arrive at the scene,
 someone quickly draws the number plate.
Then fill in the menu, remember to write down the number of people 
and queue number in the upper right corner,
Started waiting for the number to be called,
All ten numbers are called together,
When you get the number, go to the counter to check out first,
Wait for the number to be seated after the checkout,
The clerk will tell you the location of the seat,
Otherwise, it's really hard to find inside.


The scene is really busy,
In addition to internal use,
they also prepare take-out and home delivery services.
Even if you find a seat in the store,
I also have to wait for a while to get my meal,
Really have to be patient,
But I can understand.

Even so busy,
I still don’t forget the desktop organization,
The experience of maintaining the dining environment is still okay.

It’s still important to see the turkey rice, with a sun egg,
This is not an omelette but similar to boiled,
Bibimbap is what I want,
The rest is to pour the fish head soup in the casserole into the rice and enjoy.
A bowl of rice and many ways to enjoy it.

One-person shaguocai and fish head,
I was a little surprised when I saw it,
Quite large,
I regret that I ordered too many other side dishes,
After all, we only have two people to eat.

The shaguocai soup can be refilled after drinking it.
Just take it to the clerk in front,
I am still naive to say that the soup is delicious,
Be sure to have another bowl later.

There are four kinds of vegetables in the green vegetable platter,
Are they boiled and seasoned?
A sauce dish will be attached,
The food came out quite fresh.

Biting fish head is really enjoyable,
The fish head is fried and then put in the soup,
The fish is delicious,
There are fungus, tofu, cabbage, and bean curd in the shaguocai.
Are full of the shaguocai soup,
It tastes delicious,
The rich aroma of shacha, but not too salty,
Soft and sweet,
People who don’t want to eat fish can also order shaguocai directly.
Suits my taste,
If you have the opportunity to go to Chiayi, you can eat again
Or order a home delivery?

Jian'an parking lot in the alley (Guangcai Street) behind Smart Fish,
It’s their special parking lot. There are not many parking spaces.
Only one hour can be discounted by spending NT$1000 for the internal use, up to two hours.

While waiting in line, I went to Yuanxing Yuxiangwu not far away.
I bought a cup of grapefruit green tea,
which is also a well-known beverage shop in Chiayi,
Is it good?

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.

Smart Fish(Lin cong ming casserole fish head


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