Life | Xiaobao Growth Diary EP.8-The whole body is muddy

An experience that pets in the city have never experienced,
Although there are many large parks or riverside parks,
You can let the dogs run around and have fun,
But there are always restrictions.

It ’s not like the freedom of a dog raised in the country,
Just worry about whether it will be lost.

In the city, I have to worry about bathing my dog,
It ’s usually washed only once in a while,
So I try not to get dirty when I go for a walk,
Just go home and wipe your feet.

I can imagine a Labrador
In the fields in the countryside,
Running around, this grass eats, the food eats there,
Roll here, roll there,
Does the whole body become black like charcoal?

I do n’t understand what Xiaobao thinks,
Some dogs may be afraid of dirt,
Or afraid of water,
But it ’s just curious,
There is no fear.

Xiaobao is still very smart,
It knows that it wants to play in the field,
Will not run out onto the road.

By the way, is this its area?

So it takes a lot of baths,
Dogs in the city do n’t wash as many times as they do,
The person who helped Xiaobao take a shower was really tired.

Xiaobao brings a lot of joy,
Its personality really makes people unable to be angry with it,
Innocent and optimistic children,
It can really affect people.


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