Why do people who do not reply to the message immediately ask others to reply immediately?

Do you occasionally have this kind of person around you? When you send a message or call him, you either don’t answer the phone or don’t reply to the message, or you can’t find someone, no matter how many times you call or how many messages you send The same, I didn’t even reply at the end. Was it very upset every time I encountered it, especially when there was something to contact and communicate, but people didn’t know where it went? At this time, you will wonder what the mobile phone is for.

And then the excuse when you really contacted makes people very speechless, like the phone is turned off and not heard. If it is in an important place or meeting, this is a necessary behavior in etiquette, so it is understandable, but when it is always When the mute is turned off, it is impossible to understand what the phone is for?

Even at this stage, I can barely accept it. Although my heart is still very unhappy, the most unbearable thing is that this kind of people dare to ask others to reply immediately. This makes people really want to swear. What is it? Eligibility requires immediate response from others. It is really selfish for you to do things that you have not done yourself and want others to satisfy your behavior.

I used to be patient with them, and even waited for them to contact again when they were free. Later, I ignored them at all, and I just said what I want to say, if you want, you can do it yourself. If you come to contact me, I don’t bother to waste time on this matter. It’s not worth it. It’s not just your time that is time, but my time is not time.

People need to respect each other. No matter how familiar or understanding they are, mobile phones are so convenient nowadays, and they are the items that everyone holds for the most time. People who do not particularly understand this behavior, believe that even if it is true If you can’t respond to something or receive a call, you should respond as soon as you see it later, unless you don’t care at all, or you don’t respect the other party.


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