The days of drinking alone

I still remember that in the university dormitory, everyone had a room, and it was usually a group activity. As long as it was eating or having fun, I walked out of the room and shouted, otherwise I would find someone with me by knocking on the door, which was very convenient. But the situation cannot be maintained forever, probably the same for the first two years. Everyone in the back is a little addicted to the game. People are very close but chatting on the Internet is quite funny.

An indispensable beverage in college is alcohol. As long as you have a party, there will be alcohol. I feel that everyone in college has a sense of relief. Although it is not that easy, there is still pressure in schoolwork, but you can relax freely. Alcohol is just one. The easiest way to choose.

It is a mysterious drink that will appear inexplicably. Fortunately, everyone is more restrained and will not over-drink. How much you can drink. On the one hand, it is to stir up the atmosphere, and the other is to relieve stress. At the beginning, I slowly put some wine in my room. At the beginning, it was beer, but later it increased the alcohol concentration. There were red wine, whiskey, tequila, and gin. The variety began to become very rich. When I went to the supermarket, I would also go for wine. Take a look at the cabinet.

Suddenly at a certain moment, I found out that there are wines next to my computer desk. I put one on the left and one on the right. When playing World of Warcraft, I occasionally pick it up and take a sip. There is a skill to slowly exercise drinking. Of course, this is not good. Demonstration. Fortunately, I never drink too much, but I find that this state seems a bit lonely, and I use it to relieve loneliness.

I have also learned to drink alone. I am alone in my room with a small yellow light on, pour a glass of wine, and put simple snacks as an appetizer. Enjoy this moment with a drink, leaving everything just simple Enjoy the present, use it to forget worries and pressures, put aside all the unpleasantness of the present, only me and wine.

That space and time is only me. What wine is not important, whether it is expensive or not, only the atmosphere and state are what you want. It is a state where you can let yourself be empty as much as possible. It looks very lonely and lonely, and it is indeed the case, just learning How to get along with yourself, alcohol makes your spirit less tense, and your body becomes lazy. Perhaps this is why some people use alcohol to paralyze themselves and use it to escape reality.

However, this is not a correct way of drinking. You can enjoy it but you can't indulge it. Just relax appropriately. If you exceed it, you will hurt your body. Drinking alone is actually just to talk to yourself and give yourself time and space to breathe.


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