Cold or not?Warmth is very important-Unscientific exercise ideas-fight against the cold

Fight against cold idiot idea

When Taiwan heard the cold current, it was very tense. Even everyone would take out the jacket of the down jacket.I am afraid that there will be less clothes, and there is no need to say all kinds of peripheral accessories. Hats, scarves and gloves are all available.Especially in Taipei, the weather is very cold, like the kind of cold to the bones, it often rains.

Why do you feel that you can exercise without being afraid of cold? But the premise is to consider whether you can afford it.Otherwise, it is not good to get sick.When I have not been to other countries to experience the cold winter, I am as cold as everyone in Taiwan.

Every time you have to pack your own tight, do not have a gap to blow the wind
After I went to China for the first year, I passed a winter I had never imagined. I still remember that I was alone in Shanghai that year.The weather suddenly plummeted on a certain day, giving me a shocking education, and I remember what happened that day!When I was going out to go to class, I didn’t realize that the outside temperature was comparable to the clothes I imagined to be cold.The gap is not that big, or it is wearing the clothes in winter in Taiwan. This is the beginning of tragedy

It’s perfect for students to get to the classroom at the best time, so there’s no choice to go back and add clothes.I can only walk to the classroom with a cold body, and the whole body is shaking and cold.

At that time, I was not conscious of the seriousness!When I arrived at the classroom, my entire face turned white and my lips were purple. The classmates I saw were dumbfounded and nervous.They quickly put their coats on my body and gave me some warm water to slowly let the body temperature return to normal.

I thought it would not freeze like this~~~It was also after that day that I learned how to wear clothes to spend a different winter. China is also less wet.After a few years of relaxation, I was more accustomed to the local winter temperature and began to reduce the wearing of clothes.

In addition to the basic coat, don't keep your own bag like a scorpion, in a range that is just cold and just affordable.So gradually try to reduce. The premise of this is that you don’t wear very few clothes at one time, and that one can’t stand it.

A good coat is also very important, and one piece can actually make you wear less.
Whether it is in northern China, there is heating in the room, or the air conditioners in East China are warm and cold, and then there are heating in the winter outside of the country. Basically, foreigners can wear jackets on the outside, keep warm, and inside. Is less worn

When you get indoors, take off your outer clothes. Of course, because Taiwan's inverter air conditioners are more popular in recent years.

There are people who take a cold shower in the winter to exercise, feel that it is not so extreme, try to wear less clothes to slowly exercise, you will find that not as cold as before.

The premise of all this is not to endanger the health and safety of the self. It can be found that when the clothes are crossed for a long time, the more you are afraid of cold, the more you cross the clothes, it is difficult to reduce the number of clothes. [However, it is still important to keep warm] Necessarily torment yourself

When you want to try, you should also pay attention to preparing more spare clothes. When you are cold, there is no clothes to change.

Children don't want to learn!


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