Leisure Cat Life EP01 - Countryside Home Garden

In the small garden of the countryside's home, there are several cats of uninvited guests, and here has become a place where many cats come and go. The ones that have been temporarily stayed have disappeared, and a group has also gone, maybe they Think of it as a small haven.

They basically come from the same mother. After they gave birth to them, they disappeared. They left these children here. Maybe their mother thought it would be a good choice to stay here~~ There are people who will feed them here. No need to be displaced outside, no need to worry about finding food.

Although they are very naughty, the small garden is full of soil sand, which becomes their toilet, stinky.

However, seeing them in such a carefree way, there is no trouble in life, but also makes people feel changed, sun drying in the sun, lazy and yawning.


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