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Chickens and ducks are really running in the mountains

This time, the family on the mother’s side had to hold a family gathering, 
mainly to celebrate the birthday to gather everyone, 
increase the chances and time of meeting, 
and gather the feelings of the family. 
They also found a farmhouse in the Mingde Reservoir Mountain.
 If it's not one person tell to other one ,
 basically a mountain farm will not be found, 
you need to walk through the mountain Road, 
the more you go there, there is no network signal, 
Google maps are very reluctant to navigate place.

There is a sort of lawn that has been trimmed.
 When the sun is not big, it is quite comfortable here.

There is no certain driving technology, 
and there are many climbing sections. 
After arriving at the destination, 
I admire people who know the location of this restaurant.

Parking area


It should be a family living here, a restaurant opened, 
and some agricultural products.

Lazy dog

Cute dogs, if not for guests,
 running around here is like a paradise.


Even in this place, there are six big tables, 
and the weekend can be full, which really feels very good. 
How did they find it here? ?

Most of them are ordering table dishes, 
all of them are family members with a large number of people,
 but the price is different. It should be no problem to have a single point.

vinegar Ginger

Cool bamboo shoots and tender ginger
The bamboo shoots are not hard and the fibers are very sweet.
 The ginger should be marinated by itself and it is very greasy.


Boiling chicken
The pheasant chickens raised by the store itself 
can be seen on the roads where the free-running chickens are everywhere.
 The meat is very strong and too chewy.

Fried eggs

Chicken soup

Duck soup

Chicken soup and duck soup
It is said that duck soup can not be eaten every time. 
It is necessary to make an appointment in advance, 
but also to look at luck to get it. The meat is also firm, 
the soup tastes OK, and it is nourishing and very hangover.

Pineapple shrimp balls and fried fish, mangoes placed underneath, 
there is no need to expect too much seafood in this mountain,
 it is ordinary. Putting mangoes is special!

Braised tilapia
It is estimated that the ponds for breeding are not dare to eat.
 In fact, they should use mountain spring water to breed some fish that 
need clean water, which can provide better food.

The speed of serving is very fast, the dishes are the same, 
there is no service here, don't ask too much, 
you can come and come by yourself.

This table is probably NTD$4000, but the ordinary food is not amazing, 
and even the expectations in front are all gone.
 If you look at this restaurant with traditional farmhouse or local chicken,
 you can’t reach that standard. You can eat more delicious dishes outside, 
there is no need to go here to eat, 
simply to eat dishes will not attract me to visit again, 
the only environment can make urban people feel curious and fresh, 
after all, usually do not see chicken and The ducks ran around, 
not in the cage, or in a large area.

The ducklings that are placed in the cage will be released when they grow up. 
They will follow the mother of the duck to the left and go to the right, very cute.

Looking for the eggs under them is a bit like looking for treasure, 
such a large place, how do you know where their eggs are?

Because the signal in the mountain is not good, 
you can find it by using Google maps, 
and you can't guarantee the situation. 
There will be signs of Fuzhou Farm on the road, 
but the brand is relatively small,
 so watch it when you are on the road.





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