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Snacks are a very evil product,
People can't stop it and the heat bursts,
So when you start to control your weight,
Will try not to eat snacks.

The most important thing is to be healthy.
When you are a bit old, eat too much junk food,
Metabolism is not that fast,
Will cause a burden on the body.

The family bought a snack with a company colleague,
I do n’t know what it is before I get it,
I only heard it was delicious,
It's a snack that even people who don't eat snacks think it's okay.

It's nori almond chips!

In fact, I was a little surprised when I heard that my family bought it.
After all, elders do n’t like to eat these things.
I don't think any snack is good.

Also ordered 10 packs at once!

Although it does n’t feel heavy to pick it up,
It's an unexpectedly large bag,
Have eaten similar snacks before,
Neither the price nor the weight can be compared.

One pack after group purchase is NT $ 250,
I really do n’t know how many packages I want to discount.
I don't know the original price.

The materials used in the packaging are very good,
In terms of tightness or anti-collision,
Have a certain level,
According to people who bought it, 
as long as the sealed bag is closed after opening,
It ’s still crispy.
There will be no problem with moisture.

The validity period is 6 months!

When you open it, you can see the seaweed almond chips.
There is no emptiness in this regard,
Very solid content,

Not too much because it spread out after the collision,
A few pieces started to make sense,
Everything else preserves integrity,
It looks very enjoyable.

You can see that the height of the box is more than ten dollar coins,
It's about two ten dollar high.

It does n’t use much seasoning,
Not too much burden on the body,
Nori is crispy,
The almond in the middle is not scary,
Can eat their own taste,
But not too obtrusive,
Makes people want to eat bite after bite.

Unconsciously, I will finish a packet,
Is it healthy to some extent,
Can eat seaweed and almonds,
As long as you do n’t overdo it,
Eat everything in moderation.

It ’s purely personal.
 Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.


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