Travel in Miaoli,Tongxiao-Baishatun Gong Tian Temple,Mazu Temple

It ’s a little embarrassing to say it,
My grandpa's house is in Miaoli,
I go back to Miaoli a few times a year,
But I haven't been to Tongxiao!

My grandpa's house is about 40 minutes away 
from the Tongxiao by drive,
One side is inland and the other side is by the sea.
The directions are one on the east and one on the west.
It seems to be so close,
It's been so long that it was the first time I went to Tongxiao.

What's more, this famous Baishatun Gong Tian Temple worships Mazu,
Only when I arrived at the scene did I find that the names were familiar.
It seems like I hear names on TV every year.
I'm really out of date!

First visit to Baishatun Gong Tian Temple,
It happened in the Lunar New Year,
People and cars everywhere,
And the police are maintaining traffic,
This is described in another article in the lively scene.

Haven't been here before and don't know how to go?
Never mind, just follow this torii,
After entering this torii, you will see directions.

First walk through an alley that looks like a traditional market,
There will be a railroad crossing ahead.
You can continue straight after crossing the train crossing safely.
Or choose to turn right and turn left to the end,
All roads lead to Rome,
Don't worry about getting lost here.

There are signs everywhere for Baishatun Gong Tian Temple.

If it ’s a pedestrian zone ahead,
After going down, you need to turn right and then turn left.
5 minutes to Baishatun Gong Tian Temple.

In my imagination, 
Baishatun Gong Tian Temple should be a very large temple.
Instead, it looks like a temple hidden in the alley,
Still can feel its sense of history.

Tongxiao is a town by the sea,
In the coastal areas,
 the mother-in-law is usually worshipped,
However, the detailed historical evolution of 
Gong Tian Temple is not too clear.
Those who are interested can go to the

No matter which deity or religion,
All respected.

Summer is perfect for walking around here,
It's close to the sea. 
You need to wear more clothes in autumn and winter.
Otherwise, it's still very cold.
 In addition to Baishatun Gong Tian Temple in summer,
Can go to the nearby coast.


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