Food in Taipei,Gongguan,Kyosaka Ramen-Cheap Japanese Ramen,Student Gourmet

The Gongguan shopping area  is close to Taiwan University,
In addition to night market snacks,
The prices of some restaurants are also very affordable.
Very suitable price for students,
Among the many complicated alleys,
There is such a cheap ramen shop.

My first visit was with my uncle who lived nearby,
The second time my cousin brought me,
I can imagine their preference for this Kyosaka Ramen.

Even if I visit again after a few years,
It's still alive,
This is not easy,
Especially in this highly competitive shopping area.

Just looking outside is a bit like a traditional Taiwan noodle shop.
However, some Japanese elements are still used in the store.
The clerks are also very kind.

Looks inconspicuous from the outside,
The signboard is not particularly obvious either,
But there are still a lot of people in it.
It turned out that it was not just the student union that came,
Many office workers also come to eat noodles here.

Do not drink underage!

Did anyone really challenge this extremely spicy hell ramen?
The store also writes rules and warm reminders,
When I looked at it, I was sweating and drooling.

The meals here are not expensive.
Are all around NT $ 100,
Ramen can also be increased for free,
Great for students who want to save money and want to eat ramen,
Otherwise, such prices are rarely seen.

The two bowls look no different,
One is scallion ramen, and the other is garlic ramen.
Their bases are all the same tonkotsu soup,
The side dishes are the same,
It ’s only a lot of onions and garlic,
It also changes the flavor.

The soup base is not rich,
It ’s not heavy.
The noodles are also average, not chewy,
In fact, there is a desktop feeling that cannot be said,
It wo n’t be the best ramen shop,
It ’s actually just normal ramen.
But it wins in its weight and price.
The larger portion of the boy eats just right.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.



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