Dream tormented myself every night!

How beautiful the dreams are during the day. Just dreaming of daydreams will be laughed out. In fact, it may not be realized, but at least it meets the psychological expectation, maybe it becomes true! Is it true that no one will refuse to daydream occasionally.

Dreaming about another time, sleeping at night, it ’s not so beautiful. Unless it ’s Spring Dream, that ’s another thing. This is a welfare that every boy wants, but unfortunately, even if it ’s a spring dream or a good dream. I can't remember the content. When I got up, I just felt like I was in a good mood.

The pain is actually a nightmare, or a continuous night dreaming, dreaming in the past few days can also comfort yourself, maybe thinking day and night, dreaming too much during the day, or too much pressure, resulting in night I believe that everyone has a similar experience, and dreaming is an uncontrollable thing. Thinking that I do n’t want to dream, I can not dream, and the more I think, the easier it is to continue dreaming.

It happened once last year, dreaming for three weeks in a row, each night is not a different dream, or it is awakened by the dream, the scared one comes out in cold sweat, and it ’s not that it happened twice when awakened twice a night. Waking up in the morning is exhaustion and exhaustion. I did n’t sleep at all, and the spirit I woke up to was getting lower and lower. In addition, my physical fatigue became worse and worse. There was no energy at all. I felt like I was not myself. There are also days when I exercise and I do n’t know the reason for it, and then I return to the original state, and I have n’t dreamed of it. It ’s too hard to think about not coming again.

Unexpectedly, some time ago, the nightmare day came again, this time is even longer, almost 2 months, every day is dreaming while sleeping, or the same thing can not be remembered, as long as the spirit is like a broken film in the morning, I am not Who is my doubt?

The only way I have tried is that there seems to be no dreaming, that is, staying up late until you ca n’t stand to fall asleep, which means that you can only fall asleep after 4 o’clock in the morning, and it is tossing yourself. Do n’t think about this way. I ca n’t take it anymore, but even then there is no other way. There is no way to change the exercise. I can only pray to put an end to this kind of day.

What is the reason? I can only guess that the psychological factor is above. This possibility is the biggest. Will it come to me again in the future? It is very possible, but I hope to spare me.


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