Because of TK, I was not alone or bored when I was in China.


Early Taiwanese who went to work in China or studied in China rarely had the opportunity to meet each other, and there was no room for communication. Of course there were Taiwanese who joined the Taiwan Association and knew other companies, but they did not often have gatherings. In each company, only the senior management or the boss will participate, and other Taiwanese management have no chance to get to know each other. As a result, most of the time is either work or work.

Students studying in China also need a Taiwanese student club to use, but the effect is not particularly good, and the latter is a bit deserted. The number of users is not particularly high, but the website still exists so far. I wanted to go. I used it when I was studying in China, and it was a bit helpful.

TK was only known from my senior sister after I went to China a few years ago. Otherwise, I don’t know that there is still this platform. Of course, it has something to do with the theme of this website. It is more biased towards Taiwanese working in China. I can't find many students in it, and a few of us are special cases.

In the beginning, I only had to chat with other Taiwanese on the forum to exchange information about Hangzhou, including where to find delicious restaurants, or how to get a driver’s license in Hangzhou for a driver’s license, how to apply for a temporary residence certificate, and compare life issues , Everyone can help each other to answer on the above, and reduce the time of groping. Otherwise, to tell the truth, it takes a lot of time to find information and inquiries on your own, and you may not get the correct answer.

Don’t look at the fact that there are many Taiwanese in China, but the key is that the source of the information is not complete and accurate. You may not get the answer if you call to ask, and the answer is different in each place, which is very depressing. I used to run a few places to get a certificate. Now this kind of thing shouldn’t happen.

After everyone chatted on the Internet for a long time, they just wanted to meet their friends on the Internet. On weekends, most people didn’t know what to do, so they organized some gatherings, such as going to Hangzhou Jiuxi barbecue or going to Japanese cuisine. Going to sing, Hangzhou was able to gather more than 20 Taiwanese friends together.

After that, there are no people who organize events, and there are gradually no large-scale events. People who are more familiar with each other will meet up. Even fewer people go on the website, so I didn’t go to TK very much, but I still knew each other. A few good friends met in private a lot, until some people left and returned to Taiwan, and I returned to Taiwan, and they still kept in touch.

Its existence was very meaningful to me in a certain period of time, and it should have helped many Taiwanese in China solve problems. It is also a memory. I can’t find this website now, and it can be regarded as a stage of mission. Right.


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