Unknown Food-Taipei,South Airport Night Market,Xiaodi Tube rice pudding,deep fried pork rib soup.


Walk to the main entrance of the night market in South Airport,
There are two prominent stores,
Haven't stepped into the night market yet,
I saw that they had many people in line,
Otherwise it is already full of people,
It was just after 6 o'clock in the evening.

It makes me feel that I can end today’s itinerary at the door,
You don’t even have to go to other stores inside,
And it's still very attractive food,
One of them couldn’t stand the temptation to eat,
The one that didn't eat was [Xiaodi Tube rice pudding].
This food combination is a traditional classic combination,
Tube rice pudding and deep fried pork rib soup,
The indispensable existence of Taiwanese snacks,
Seeing so many people eating,
There will be something that seems to be missed without eating.

The scent drifted slowly away again,
For those who have just stepped into the night market,
The temptation is really high,
Unless you don't like this food.


I am an exception,
Just to eat more other delicacies,
And control yourself not to eat it.

 Tube rice pudding are mainly glutinous rice,
I feel full and upset stomach easily after eating,
Not suitable for my choice of the day.

But it will be something I will eat when I go to the night market in South Airport.
So don’t worry, some things just don’t have fate yet.
Always achieve the goal of eating it.

South Airport Night Market,Xiaodi Tube rice pudding


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