Travel-Tainan Attractions,Crystal Church and Beimen Visitor Center.

In recent years, there are two famous churches in the south.
Very different from traditional churches,
The shape is very modern design,
For couples who are getting married or in love,
It is a very romantic place.

The other is Tainan Beimen Crystal Church,
The two drive about half an hour,
All in the coastal area.

They are all built in an area that ordinary tourists would not visit,
Is it because only there is a suitable venue?
Or do you want to create an attractive attraction?
Come to revitalize the local tourism economy?

I believe there are their ideas,
The original intention should be good,
It’s just that it’s more important to build well and continue.
But I belong to a passenger perspective,
Don't know the concept behind coming to this attraction.

Arrived here early in the morning,
Even the Beimen Visitor Center has not opened yet,
The painting on the wall and the design of the surrounding buildings,
It's quite foreign,
It’s just a bit of a problem,
It feels like half done with something missing,
Then piece it together.

The hinterland of the entire region is quite large,
It also includes this Beimen Yantian Experience Zone,
Can ride bicycles and walks.

Tickets for Crystal Church NT$20/person,
It's really a price of conscience,
Basically it is cleaning fee and management fee,
After all, it doesn’t take much time to go in and take pictures of such attractions.

There are salt fields nearby,
Like a mirror reflection,
It should be more beautiful when the weather is good,
There will be lights at night,
Another style appearance.

Because there is no time to go to the nearby Yantian,
It's a pity this time,
The idea and decoration of the Beimen Visitor Center are pretty good.
Can come and take pictures,
But it needs to be modified,
Otherwise, it will lose a bit of flavor.

There are not many tourists who come here on weekdays.
Most people choose to come on holidays,
So actually it’s not so easy to maintain and operate here.
Whether people who have been there will go again is also a question.

At least I have been~
If you are not strongly asked to go to this attraction in the future,
I should not go again!
But I am still interested in walking around the nearby Yantian.

Crystal Church


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