How to choose the country and city to study in?

Whether it is a short-term study abroad or a long-term study abroad, you will face the biggest problem, that is, how to choose a country and city. This problem can be annoying for a long time. After all, you have not been to those countries or cities, you can only rely on information. Understanding is not so intuitive and certain. Generally, it is either by relatives or friends or by following the advice of agency companies.

Choose country by language

The simplest solution is the choice of language. As long as you choose a certain language, you can reduce the scope of most of the countries. The difficulty starts later. The country may not be too complicated. For example, English-speaking countries will mainly choose. The countries are Britain, the United States, Australia, and Canada as the main options. There are still some countries in Europe that are not selected by the public. It is not that they are not good, but most people will not put them first.

In recent years, there is still a good price in the Philippines. It is suitable for people who want to study abroad but have restrictions on the cost. If you mind the problem of accent, it is still common in English-speaking countries. If you like a British accent, you can choose to go to the UK. Most of the accents for learning English in Taiwan are American, and the Australian accent has a little British flavor, so the accent is also a way to choose.

Choose a country with fees

If you have a favorite country, it is even more convenient. For example, if someone watches an American TV show or a movie, they will have a little expectation of a certain country. This is also a quick way to choose, otherwise it is a cost choice. Countries and cities require different costs. In general, the United Kingdom will be slightly higher, followed by the United States and Canada. You can choose a location that suits your financial resources. Even in the same country, different cities have different costs.

The country chosen by the family

Basically, the countries I have visited are not my choice, but I don’t reject it. I have been to Australia for a short period of one and a half months. Later, when I wanted to choose another country, my family told me not to choose Australia. Don’t go to the same country, and then go to the United States that I wanted to go to before. The premise is that I can accept it, and don’t force myself to go to places I don’t like.

The selected country is the city

The selected country is the city. Generally, every country will have some cities that most people will choose. The United Kingdom is London and Manchester, Canada is Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and the United States is Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. , Boston and the like, Australia is Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The advantage of these cities is that there is no need to worry about life problems, the proportion of Chinese is relatively high, and there is no need to worry about food, clothing, housing and transportation, but the cost is higher, and some areas of the city that are slightly messy should be avoided.

I later chose Boston, USA. On the one hand, I also discussed with my family and friends. Boston’s academic environment is better, and the city is safer and more stable. Although I didn’t go to study just to realize my dreams and increase English, Boston is indeed It’s pretty good, and you don’t have to worry too much about traffic. Many cities are too big without a car and it’s very inconvenient to move. Boston has a subway that can cover all the areas that need to be moved, except if you live in the suburbs.

Cities or schools with a low percentage of Chinese

Cities with a small proportion of Chinese are also a choice. Some people will deliberately choose cities with few Chinese in order to concentrate on studying and not be influenced by too many Chinese, reduce the use of their own mother tongue, and integrate and learn faster. In cities or towns with a relatively small population, this also has the opportunity to reduce the cost of living.

I personally feel that going abroad is to choose a place that suits you, whether it’s a country or a city, and also reduce the time you spend with Chinese people. After all, you are not going out to study but to learn a good language. If you spend a long time with people from the same language country Playing together will inevitably affect the speed of learning, although people will feel safe and relaxed, which reduces the chance of integrating into the local society.
Of course, the most important thing is to ensure your own safety. In an unfamiliar country, safety is the first consideration.


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