Gongguan,Miaoli,Taiwan-Xiuju restaurant-Traditional Hakka Cuisine~ There are childhood memories of grandma crafts

Xiuju restaurant-Traditional Hakka Cuisine~

Now everyone is eating relatively lighter than in the past.

There is no need to explain this reason.


But occasionally  still have to eat heavy taste.

Traditional Hakka cuisine

It's a good choice.

I am a Hakka people.

(But it’s basically not to say it, it’s barely enough to listen)

This Xiuju restaurant is just 10 minutes drive from my grandfather's home.
Eat once or twice  a year.

Compare the taste of traditional Hakka dishes in previous memories

You can see the menu on the small whiteboard on the wall at the entrance.

There are not many seats in the store.

The crowd of people eating is quite a lot

The wall is full of many famous people visiting photos.

Although it is just a small restaurant in the township

Good food will still attract a bunch of diners

The place where you order is free to pick up the dried fish.

(You can eat a few bowls of rice with this)

There are also pickled Chinese Onion and plums that will be served free of charge.

(You can also ask the staff to add free)

Completely an appetizer

Eat appetite is wide open

Hakka bamboo shoots must have for the Hakka people’s table every Chinese new year.

braised pork with preserved vegetables

The plum, the meat!!
Can eat a lot of rice.
Just worried about becoming a rice bucket

fried Pork Intestine with Shredded Ginger is my favorite dish since I was a child.

Just like that kind of sour taste

Green vegetables still have to eat ~ ~ to eat a balanced diet

Braised eggplant and basil tofu
Did you find that every one is suitable for eating with rice?

It’s a terrible thing
Because I don’t know how many bowls of rice I will eat.
How to lose weight! !

Do not doubt that the little bitter gourd is below
Don't be scared by the full piece of meat
Soup can be added!

Be sure to try it after passing nearby~~!!


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