Food in Taipei,Nanjing Fuxing,Taoluanting Restaurant Roast Peking Duck-Bib Gourmand • Inspectors’ favourites for good value

Taoluananting Restaurant Roast Peking Duck-Three different eating style of one duck 

The obvious yellow signboard stands near 
the Nanjing Fuxing Station and has been in business for about 50 years. 
When it was not recommended by Michelin,
 it was a famous Peking duck restaurant. 
Even when I had family members working nearby, 
my colleagues would also choose Occasionally here.

After seeing the Michelin Bib Gourmand • Inspectors’ favourites for good value,
 I still feel that there is a sense of familiarity, the one that I know!

At 8 o'clock in the evening, there were still so many people. 
I also saw two Japanese female guests who had ordered 
three different eating style of one duck. Is it really enough to admire them?
 Is it super curious to eat? There are also foreign friends who come to eat,
 and their expressions are satisfied.

Each table will entertain a plate of appetizers [Cold shredded  white Chinese cabbage], a big one, all have the illusion of fullness, slightly sour taste, very appetizing, but also greasy.

Peking duck needs a certain preparation time. 
The vegetables in this waiting process arrive first, soothe the hungry belly,
 silently expecting the whole Beiping roast duck to come up,
 eat the most concerned part of the roast duck, the master tableside duck,
 like a The show is attractive. The roast ducks are still hot,
 and they are cut down by the master. Apart from drooling,
 I wonder if they are not afraid of hot?

We have a group of four people, order three different eating style of one duck, including duck with pancake, Duck bones with Jam Bean, 
pickled vegetable duck bone soup. The master came to the table to
 serve the duck skin and duck meat, and the rest went back to the kitchen to 
make the other two dishes.

The processed duck skin and duck meat are served, 
and the master can get it in less than 5 minutes. 
The oily duck skin is crispy and not oily, and the duck is slightly dry.

In addition to eating directly, of course, it is accompanied by pancake,
green onion and sweet flour paste, combined together, 
the scent of onion, the light flour of the cake skin, 
the salty and sweet sauce, the richness in the mouth.
 I can't stop after one bite!

I feel that the roll is not bad, and the ingredients and sauces have not fallen out.

Duck bones with Jam Beam

Duck bones with Jam Beam, which is a heavy taste. 
The nine-story tower aroma and the spicy bean paste are very spicy.
 It is very impulsive to call for a meal and a bottle of beer.

The scallion cake

The scallion cake is a little salty, the skin is crispy, 
and the onion is coming out.

Pickled vegetable duck bone soup

Pickled vegetable duck bone soup, frozen tofu and wide flour 
and other ingredients, full of a pot, sauerkraut is sour but salty, neutral and greasy.
 The rest of the package can be added to the ingredients and
 become a pot of soup or hot pot. When packing, 
the store will also add some soup!

The tired body that day was restored to more than half after eating this meal.
The whole batch of Peking duck is not small,
suitable for many people to share and enjoy.



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