Food in China-Xiamen Instant Noodles Satay flavor-Good Quality and Low Price Also Contains University Memories

Instant noodles are familiar to everyone, 
and occasionally don’t know what to eat.
Or for convenience, cooking a bowl of instant noodles is delicious.
There are many types of instant noodles in Taiwan.
There are also several kinds of instant noodles 
that are memories of everyone from child to adult.
Or the memories of all Taiwanese,
I will not give examples.

Here is the China instant noodles,
And it is a strong regional noodles,
Unlike other big brands, instant noodles are bought all over China.
Local specialty products in Xiamen, China,
[Xiamen instant noodles]

I still remember that the first time 
I ate Xiamen instant noodles was from
 the university dormitory classmates.
At that time, I was studying in Hangzhou, China. 
One of them was a Hangzhou native who grew up in Xiamen.
It is the instant noodles he brought from Xiamen.
Xiamen has a special snack called Shacha noodles.
And this instant noodle is also a satay flavor.
The content is very simple,
a pack of seasonings and a piece of bread,
The other is gone, there is nothing in the vegetable package,
It’s just a simple packet of instant noodles,
It made me miss it very much.

Even a university,
I also asked my classmates to help me send 
a box from Xiamen to the school.
Crazy enough, but this experience in the student days,
For a certain period of time, 
I often eat instant noodles in order to save money.
Otherwise, when the night is hungry, 
come to a bowl as a day and night.
At the time of exaggeration, 
the dormitory door opens the entire corridor with a noodle flavor.
I will also eat with my friends.
It is very interesting to think about it now.

But can you imagine how much this noodle is?
When I was less than a dollar RMB in the year,
 I heard that it was cheaper before.
Completely good quality and cheap, hahaha,
Even if you buy a box of Xiamen instant noodles, 
the average package is less than RMB 2 dollar.
The price has risen a bit, but it is more like a memory.
Although the taste is not bad.

I went to Xiamen one year and got together with my classmates.
I asked about Xiamen instant noodles,
I want to bring some back to Taiwan.
Where can I sell Xiamen instant noodles, 
I don’t know if I bought it everywhere.
Only a small number of stores have to sell,
 just have space for the suitcase to put,
I bought a box directly, 
and the customs will not be very dumb when scanning.
I saw someone packing a box of instant noodles in the trunk.

There are 21 packs in this box, 
but a pack of Chinese mustard is included.

If you buy a box from Taobao and send it to Taiwan,
Shipping costs may be more expensive than this box of noodles.
Is it very dumbfounded?

Just like the boiled taste written on the box is better,
The taste of the instant noodles is different.
Especially with some eggs and some vegetables inside,
It is simply delicious.

The next time I don't know when I can eat the nostalgia!


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