Food in Miaoli,Tongxiao,Baishatun Gong Tian Temple[Market]-Lao Weng handmade tapioca pearl

Since it was the Lunar New Year, 
Baishatun Gong Tian Temple,
It's extra busy here,
In addition to the original store,
It looks like some are temporary vendors.

Otherwise,where is there such a big crowd,
There are still opportunities on holidays.

Street food everywhere,
Whether you drink or eat,
Nothing is missing,
 just afraid that his pockets are not deep enough.

The position of Lao Weng handmade tapioca pearl 
is too obvious,
I did not expect to mention the interest of 
the two elderly people in the family,
They saw so many people lining up,
I didn’t expect to have a thought and wanted to drink it.
Obviously they haven't drank this drink for hundreds of years.
(I don't know if they are resident here)

For Taiwanese people,
There is really no resistance,
Regardless of gender
The age range seen in the queue is wide.

This brand has never heard of it before,
Maybe it has n’t opened a store in Taipei yet.
Don't you guys know?

Price List!
Personally think that it is acceptable,
It depends on how it tastes,
Otherwise it will feel a little expensive.

Every bucket in the back is brewed tea,
Fresh milk is also pure fresh milk,
But there is no way to adjust the sugar content by hand.

It is said that their brown sugar and tapioca pearl are handmade,
It's your own recipe.

The big boiler next to it is cooking flour.
This is cooked on-site,
Pretty attractive to customers,
It's a way of marketing.

However, the on-site service staff is insufficient.
Causing the waiting time to be too long,
Then the health status is a bit bad,
After the serviceman collects the money,
 his finger will reach into the cup.
Of course he finds it more convenient to take a few more cups,
But it doesn't look very good.

This powder circle should be strange without a straw,
The handmade tapioca pearl  should be cooked with brown sugar.
The tea is a bit like winter melon tea,
It's a bit like brown sugar tea.

The handmade tapioca pearl are a bit chewy,
I do n’t think it ’s delicious.
At least, it's a little bit better than ordinary tapioca pearl.

I may not buy it next time, right?
I feel that other stores will do better.
Just drink a sense of freshness.

It ’s purely personal. Everyone has different preferences.
Suitable for me may not be suitable for you.


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