What do you look like after drinking?

What will you do if you drink too much? Everyone has a different appearance, as long as it does not affect others or bring trouble to fellow drinking, it doesn’t matter much. Drinking is originally a way to relax, relieve daytime troubles, and relieve stress. Most people are also You can enjoy it with your friends. Drinking at work is not included. It is a completely different situation.

After drinking, I only want one thing, that is, going home to sleep, so I usually control my state and don’t want to drink too much alcohol, because no matter what I drink, I will try my best to go home, that’s true It makes my body very sad. I only have this kind of appearance with my friends. Otherwise, I only taste it. Afterwards, a friend asked me, why haven’t I seen how I am drunk, why do I think it is necessary?

This is one of the best conditions. Of course, I have also seen how other people look after drinking. Some people will be very excited. They can’t restrain themselves and start to persuade people to drink, or they can drink all the time to promote everyone’s overall progress. In the end, it may be true that everyone is drunk and only friends who can’t drink are left.

Otherwise, you will find someone to start talking psychologically after drinking. Say something that is usually suppressed in psychology. Whether it is work or life, you may encounter unpleasant things, no chance or suitable people. It can be said that it is released from the state after drinking, at most, it will keep talking and crying.

There are also intimate people who do some intimate movements. This is not a good description. Please understand for yourself. Usually this kind of wine has a greater chance of forgetting after waking up, so it will not be too embarrassing.

There are also people who make trouble after drinking. This is the type that you don’t want to encounter. It will make the whole party more unpleasant. Fortunately, you haven’t encountered too much situation at present. The other party is drinking.

What other special states are there? I haven’t touched it yet, so I don’t know. How is yours?


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